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Encompass® Automatic Payment

Encompass Automatic Payment—Pay Automatically Via Checking or Savings Account

If you have a checking or savings account, you can use our Encompass Easy Pay Plan to pay your bill automatically. Once you're enrolled, your premium is deducted automatically from your checking or savings account, on the date you choose. Plus you may be eligible to receive a discount up to 5%.

Just download the authorization form PDF to get started. Complete the form and mail or fax it to your Encompass Independent Agent.

Should contact their agent for more information.

Please note that:

  • Until you receive notification from us that the Encompass Easy Pay Plan is active for your policies, please continue to pay any paper bills you receive.
  • Once your Easy Pay sign up is complete, we'll send you a billing schedule detailing your future withdrawal dates and amounts for the policy period.
  • If you change financial institutions, please contact your agent to update your Easy Pay information.

Encompass Automatic Payment—Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your participation in the Encompass Easy Pay Plan simply by calling your agent and informing them of your wishes. Please allow a reasonable length of time for the cancellation to take effect.

Download the Easy Pay authorization form PDF.

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