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Encompass® Auto Claims FAQ

Quick answers to your auto claims questions.

When you have to file an auto claim, there's a good chance you will have a few questions along the way. You can use this guide as a quick reference to many commonly asked auto claims inquiries. Your independent agent and our claims team representatives can always provide additional support at 1-800-588-7400.

When will I hear from a field adjuster?

Once a field adjuster has been assigned to inspect your car's damage, they will contact you within one business day. If a field adjuster is not assigned, please call us at 1-800-588-7400 and press the number 3 for a "previously reported claim."

When will my car be inspected?

If you choose to have one of our authorized shops repair your vehicle, you can schedule an inspection for a date that is convenient for you. If you prefer to take your car to a shop of your choice, a claims representative will work with you to schedule the inspection. If it is determined that you will need to send an estimate to us, please fax that estimate to your adjuster as soon as possible.

If you and your claim representative have determined that your vehicle can be inspected at one of our drive-in facilities, the appointment should already be set up.

What happens after the Encompass field adjuster has seen my car?

Once our field adjuster has inspected your car and written an initial estimate, you should contact your repair shop and schedule the repair. Only you can authorize and schedule these repairs.

What happens if my repair shop's estimate is higher than the amount written by the field adjuster?

Your field adjuster will write a visible damage estimate. If the vehicle is inspected at a shop you selected, the field adjuster will work to obtain an agreed repair price with your shop.

What if the repair shop discovers additional damages during the repair process?

If your shop finds damages not included in the original estimate, they should contact our supplement hotline immediately—the toll-free number will be on the estimate. We'll contact your repair shop to establish the quickest way to address the newly discovered damages.

I need a rental car while my car is out of service—how do I go about getting one?

With your rental reimbursement coverage, you can choose any rental car company that you wish. If your policy includes rental coverage, we may be able to set up direct billing for your rental depending on which company is used. When you decide to get a rental car, please contact your adjuster.

How much does my rental reimbursement coverage pay for?

Rental reimbursement pays up to a daily policy limit and generally until repairs are completed, up to the maximum number of days provided in your policy. Rental reimbursement is included in your Elite auto policy and is an optional coverage available with Deluxe and Special.1 Please contact your Encompass Independent Agent for details.

The accident wasn't my fault—will I have to pay my deductible?

Regardless of who was at fault, you'll pay a deductible for certain coverages. However, during the claim investigation, if the facts indicate there's a chance to recover the damages from the person responsible for the accident, we'll attempt to recover them, and include your deductible. In legal terms, this process is called subrogation and can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the circumstances of your accident. If we pursue subrogation without success, you have the option of trying to recover the deductible on your own.

In some instances, we may even be able to refund your deductible quicker such as when the other party has accepted liability and has sufficient limits. To assist with this effort, it is very important that you contact your adjuster to provide us with your description of the accident. We'll send you a letter once the subrogation process has begun.

How does Encompass determine the actual cash value if my vehicle is determined a total loss?

Various factors including vehicle condition, prior damage and local market pricing go into figuring your totaled car's actual cash value. Your claims representative will go over the determination in detail with you.

Why does the check I received from Encompass include the name of my lien holder?

If you have a lien on your vehicle, the lien holder's name is usually named on your policy. In these cases, we are required to include the lien holder's name on your check. You will need to contact the lien holder to find out how you can get their endorsement on your check. If you have chosen the repair shop, your claim check may be made jointly payable to you and the shop.

How is the deductible applied?

Let's say your covered claim is $2,500 and your deductible is $500. You pay the $500 and Encompass pays the remaining $2,000.

Have more questions that you don't see here?

We are here to help you, 24/7. Contact our claims team at 1-800-588-7400 or talk to your independent agent for additional guidance and support through your auto claim.

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