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Encompass® Insurance Insights & Articles

We're dedicated to being a resource for you and your family. Here are some Encompass Insurance Insights and Articles that can help you simplify your life at every stage.


Keys in a door.


Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe: Home Security Tips

Did you know that in the U.S., a house is broken into every 14 seconds? Protect your home, your possessions, and your family with these home security tips.


Essential emergency kit items for the car.


Disaster Preparedness: Build an Emergency Car Kit

If a natural disaster strikes while you're driving, having an emergency-preparedness kit in your car could help you weather the crisis safely and comfortably.

Personal Property



Tombstone Vandalism: Not a Halloween Prank

Tombstone vandalism is more common than people realize. Learn what to do if your loved one's gravesite is a victim and if homeowner's insurance can help.


kids in costumes .


Five Tips for Enjoying Halloween Safely

The Halloween season has something for everyone, yet there are also risks to consider. Read this post for five essential Halloween safety tips.

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