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Encompass® Insurance Insights & Articles

We're dedicated to being a resource for you and your family. Here are some Encompass Insurance Insights and Articles that can help you simplify your life at every stage.


Storm clouds looming over houses.


The Difference Between a Storm Watch and Storm Warning

Learning the indicators of a storm watch compared to a storm warning can help you and your family be prepared to take action should dangerous weather conditions develop.


Car on the road.


Five Smart Tips for Driving in Poor Weather

Poor weather is a primary or contributing cause of serious accidents. Learn how to stay safe, even when roads aren't ideal for driving.

Personal Property

Dad holding a piggybank while the daughter puts the coin inside.


Financial Habits to Start Young

Many kids don't feel prepared for the financial responsibilities that come later in life. Here are some tips to help children of any age understand the value and impact of money.


Group young students on their smartphones.


Social Media and Children: What Parents Need to Know About Keeping Kids Safe

Tips for keeping your child safe on social media, managing privacy restrictions and cyberbullying.

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