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Group of people smiling and laughing during a holiday party.
Best Practices for Hosting an Office Holiday Party

Ensure your holiday office party remains merry and bright this year by following these safety tips.

Businessman opening door entering office.
Leaving Your Office for an Extended Time This Holiday Season? How to Prep

Shutting down your office for a few weeks over the holidays? What you need to know to keep it safe and secure during time away.

A contractor climbing a ladder to a roof.
Prepping Your Commercial Property for Winter Weather

From an HVAC system tune-up to a roof inspection, there are a number of preventative steps to take before winter weather sets in for the year.

Man shoveling snow in front of cars.
Winter Parking Lot Safety

From promptly clearing snow to performing year-round maintenance, there are many things involved in keeping your parking lot safe this winter.

Family taking a walk on country trail path.
Planning a Family Vacation This Summer? Consider the Pros and Cons of These Top Destinations

People are eager to get back to family vacations after the pandemic. Here are some things to know about four top destinations.

A dog drinking water out of a portable water bowl.
Keep your Pet Safe this Summer

Keep your furry, feathered and scaled friends safe this summer with these important tips for warm-weather care.

Group of people riding their ATVs down a trail path.
Guide for ATV Safety

These ATV rules will help keep you safe while exploring off-road paths. Check out this guide to reduce your risk of an accident or breakdown.

Overhead view of a opened backpack with school supplies as well as an opened lunch container with a half sandwich and veggies with a small water bottle.
7 School Lunch Ideas That Are Nutritious, Fun and Affordable

From muffins to kabobs, school lunch prep will be easy and fun this year. Simply customize 8 easy and affordable ideas every day.

A woman sitting on the floor eating pasta while trying to avoid her dog.
Food Safety Tips for your Pet

Sometimes, the costs of having a pet can make quite a dent in your monthly budget. These practical tips can help you save money when owning a pet.

A dog in a bathtub covered in soap.
Ways to Save Money When Owning a Pet

Sometimes, the costs of having a pet can make quite a dent in your monthly budget. These practical tips can help you save money when owning a pet.

View of seafood themed dishes including shrimp, salmon, clams.
8 Themed Dinner Ideas for Any Night of the Week

Spend quality time together as a family while enjoying fun, themed meals. As a bonus, each of these ideas is affordable!

Tornado in the distance
Recovering From a Tornado Event

Learn how to respond after a catastrophic twister event. A guide covering the first steps for tornado recovery, cleanup and safety.

Flood waters near a house.
Recovering From a Flood

Is your home in a flood zone? Keep these tips in mind to recover quickly from a flood and minimize the impact it will have on your property and your life.

Couple hiking in a forest preserve.
6 Quick Tips to Get Prepared for Your Next Hike

Beginner hiking tips for getting started: What to wear hiking, how to find the best beginner trails, and how to plan a safe hike.

Mom and dad with two daughters holding boxes well walking into their new home.
Tips on Moving Out of State

Making a move to a new state can be stressful. These 5 moving tips can help you relocate to a different state with ease.

Family in the living room playing a board game.
How to Plan and Host a Fun Family Game Night

The best games to play for a fun family game night, including the best virtual family game night options.

A girl circling dates on a calendar hanging on the window.
Stay Organized With Family Schedules For Being At Home

Work together as a family to create schedules for being at home. With several steps, your family can stay organized, productive and calm.

A boy putting dishes in the dishwasher.
Teach Children Financial Responsibility with Allowance Guidelines

Learn why, when and how to give your children an allowance as you teach financial responsibility.

Hands holding the word Donate.
Non-Profit Donations: How Maximize Your Giving Impact This Holiday Season

Learn how to vet nonprofits and community organizations to maximize the impact of your donation and take advantage of overlooked employer-matching contribution programs.

Man operating his snowblower on a sidewalk.
Tips for Choosing a Snowblower and Snowblower Maintenance

Snowblower buying guide: Tips for purchasing a snowblower, understanding different features, and basic snowblower maintenance.

A woman next to a freshly baked turkey.
How to Host a Virtual Thanksgiving

If family and friends can't make it in person this year, celebrate Thanksgiving in cyberspace! These tips will help you host a virtual Thanksgiving.

Woman on couch working.
4 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Stress

Discover some easy, fun ways to reduce stress at home that can help you feel your best physically, mentally and emotionally.

Kid carving pumpkin.
7 Family-Friendly Activities for Halloween Fun at Home

Learn how to turn a Halloween night at home into a fun family event with our 7 kid-friendly activities.

Two young boys learning on laptops.
Back to School Tips

5 tips for parents to get children to build strong study skills and focus on school assignments, virtual learning, and homework.

Family in the kitchen baking together.
8 Fun Family Activities to Do at Home

8 fun, screen-free activities for children and parents to enjoy when staying home.

Family enjoying toasted marshmellows on camping grounds.
Fun Activities for Family Camping Trips

This brief article discusses a few fun different types of activities you may want to plan to ensure a successful family camping trip.

Woman sitting in front of an office fan while on the phone.
Heat Stroke

During the summer months, it can be all too easy to fall prey to heat stroke. Encompass explains what the condition is and how you can prevent it./p>

Group young students on their smartphones.
Social Media and Children: What Parents Need to Know About Keeping Kids Safe

Tips for keeping your child safe on social media, managing privacy restrictions and cyberbullying.

Woman walking with luggage in the parking lot.
Airport Parking

This brief article offers passengers a few actionable tips for parking at the airport or at an off-site parking facility when flying.

A family resting in a tent.
Budget-Friendly Backyard Camping

A family backyard camping experience can be just as much fun as a long-distance trip with a much lower price tag. Learn ways to make your family's backyard adventure a memorable one.

Cash rolled up with a santa hat on top.
A Guide to Holiday Tipping Etiquette

Navigating holiday tipping etiquette: Learn how much to tip and to whom.

Two women holding gifts in a doorway.
Hostess Gift Etiquette: What to Bring?

Gift etiquette for holiday parties and dinners: Affordable and thoughtful hostess gift ideas.

A boy opening up christmas gifts with parents.
Top 7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

7 unique, fun and educational holiday gift ideas for kids that are a meaningful alternative to popular toys.

A group of different pet animals.
Disaster Preparedness for Your Pets

Pets should never be left behind in a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Get some pet disaster preparedness tips you can implement now.

Illustration of Emergency Preparedness Plan.
Make an Emergency Plan

Learn simple steps you can take to put together an emergency plan to protect your home and your family.

A girl holding a first aid kit.
Disaster Prep Tips to Teach Your Kids

In observance of National Preparedness Month, teach your kids to face natural disasters with a plan, practice and knowledge.

Group of friends enjoying grilled food in the stadium parking lot.
Top Tips for your Tailgate

Football and tailgating go hand in hand. With these recipes, you can be sure to make your friends and family feel like champions on game day.

A dog having fun at a dog park.
Polish Your Dog Park Etiquette

Whether you're a first-time dog owner or a canine expert, read through these tips to ensure your next trip to the dog park is one that's safe and fun.

Christmas cookies being packaged and a jar of hot chocolate.
Five Strategies for Holiday Gift-Giving on a Budget

Keep holiday gift exchanges simple, thoughtful, and budget-friendly by giving the gift of your time and talents. Swap overpriced presents for heartfelt offerings.

A dog and cat laying under Christmas flannel blanket.
How to Manage Pets During the Holidays

Are you ready to spread some cheer this holiday? Don't forget about your beloved pet's safety. There are many hazards, particularly more common during the holidays, that can harm your pet.

A couch drive box full of coats.
Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving back. If you're looking for a way to help others during the holiday season, the following six suggestions can help.

A couple together with their infant in the baby's room.
Having a Baby? Now What?

The impending birth of a new baby is the perfect reason to give your family's financial foundation a thorough once-over for greater security and protection.

Person crafting fall decorations with a glue gun in their hand.
Decorating on a Budget

Buying new decorations for the holidays can quickly add up. Fortunately, these eight tips will show you how to decorate without breaking the bank.

A woman holding up a fall reef on a door.
Six Steps to Hosting a Heart-Warming Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a very popular holiday designed to express gratitude for the families we choose. Learn how to host the perfect celebration.

A woman holding up a fall reef on a door.
DIY Decoration Ideas to Welcome Fall into Your Home

Let the changing seasons inspire a colorful change of home decor with these 10 fall decoration projects designed to delight the whole family.

A family at the dinner table enjoy a meal.
Healthy Fall Food Choices

Fall meals don't have to be heavy and full of calories and fat. Explore some healthy alternatives and flavorful recipes that help keep weight gain at bay.

A girl sliding down a slide in the backyard.
Safety Tips for Backyard Fun.

Swing sets, trampolines and jungle gyms — all of this backyard equipment can give kids hours of outdoor fun.

A couple laying on the floor among moving boxes.
Moving in Together — Things to Know

Are you and your significant other thinking of moving in together?

women on sailboat.
Buying a Sailboat

Buying a Sailboat? Helpful Tips to guide you to the right one.

family on the beach.
Tips on saving on summer travel

Discover easy ways to make the most of your summer vacation budget.

Tax tips.
Tax Tips

Tax Day is almost here. Tax filing tips to get organized, check your forms for accuracy, and chose the best filing option for you.

Cyber Security Tips: Backing Up for Digital Safety

Cyber breaches, hacks, phishing attempts... cyberattacks are more common than you might think. Protect yourself and your data by backing up regularly.

gift cards.
Gift Cards: To Give and Receive

Gift cards are an ideal present for the hard-to-buy-for people on your list, but many don't last forever. Learn how to get the most out of gift cards.

How to Save Money on Groceries

5 grocery store savings tips to lower your weekly food budget.

outdoor BBQ.
6 Safety Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Keep these safety tips in mind as you prepare for your next outdoor event.

sick women.
Eight Tips for Keeping Yourself and Your Family Healthy During Flu Season

The flu is unpleasant at best and life-threatening at worst. These eight tips will inform you how to help keep yourself and your family healthy during flu season.

a couple cooking.
Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is more than chocolates, flowers and pricey gifts. Read to find some creative ways to enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank.

group of people.
Starting a Savings Plan

Statistics show that Americans are saving less money than ever. This article details some actionable steps to take for creating an effective savings plan.

group of people.
Nine Tips for Hosting Winning Watch Parties

Do you enjoy watching sports with your friends? These nine tips for hosting a winning sports watch party will make you a champion every time!

bucket list.
2018 Bucket List

What's on your bucket list for 2018? The New Year is the perfect time to get out there to explore and experience all the world has to offer!

Winter Pet Safety Tips

Essential winter pet care tips to keep your pets safe and protected this winter.

healthy cooking.
New Year New You

New Year, New You: Kick Start a Healthier Lifestyle in 2018

xmas tree.
Disposing Holiday Decorations

How to recycle old Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday greenery: preparing for curbside pick-up and local tree-to-mulch programs.

online shopping.
Online Holiday Bargains

4 steps to protect yourself against common online holiday shopping scams and identity theft.

New Year's Resolutions

Ninety percent of people fail to keep their New Year's resolutions. With these four tips, you stand a greater chance of reaching your long-term goals.

Turkey Tips.
Fun Family Activities for Winter

Winter is a great time to explore and have fun with your family. These fun activities will spark inspiration and help you avoid cabin fever this winter!

Turkey Tips.
It's Turkey Time! 5 Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

Thanksgiving food safety preparation tips: thawing the turkey, frying turkeys and safely cooking the turkey and stuffing.

A family camping.
Five Tips for Enjoying Halloween Safely

The Halloween season has something for everyone, yet there are also risks to consider. Read this post for five essential Halloween safety tips.

A family camping.
Just Married? 3 Insurance Considerations When Tying the Knot

First comes marriage, then comes the insurance checkup! From combining auto insurance to insuring your wedding bands, here are 3 things to keep in mind when tying the knot.

A family camping.
Top 5 Camping Tips for a Safe (and Fun) Summer

Time to hit the road to your favorite camping site! Consider these camping tips to help you have a safe, fun summer outdoors, whether you're in a tent or an RV.

Summer BBQ.
Hosting a BBQ or Graduation Party? Consider These Liabilities First

Are you planning on throwing a graduation party or a summer BBQ? Is your current insurance enough to protect you from liabilities? Talk to your insurance agent!

A couple traveling.
Gardening Tips

Dreaming of fresh vegetables and fruits straight from your own backyard? These gardening tips can help!

A couple traveling.
5 Travel Hacks to Land Last-Minute Mid-Winter Getaway Deals

Timing a midwinter vacation just right could help you save on airfare and hotels - getting you to the beach or ski slope with cash to spare. These five tips will get you started.

A couple paying bills.
Post-Holiday Budgeting Tips: How to Pay Off Debt in the New Year

Get started with debt repayment in 2017 by prioritizing expenses, working out a payment plan for major debt and learning which debts to tackle first.

Dogs pulling a sled.
Tips to Help Protect Yourself from Unforeseen Holiday Hazards

While no one likes to think about injuries or accidents during the holiday season, proper insurance coverage can help prevent a financial liability.

Dogs pulling a sled.
From Resolutions to Accomplishments: 3 Steps for Turning Goals into Actions

Why are New Year's resolutions so hard to keep? Learn why habits form and how to break them.

Dogs pulling a sled.
Forget Ski Resorts: Where to Go for the Most Unique Winter Vacation

Innovative travel outfitters and cold-weather thrill seekers are pushing the limits for winter vacations. Discover six fun winter adventures!

A sign that says - GIVE.
Maximizing the Impact of Charitable Donations

Maximize the impact of your charitable donations this holiday season with some tips to help make the most of your funds.

Bundled vs. Package Insurance: Is there a difference?

Could switching to a bundled or packaged insurance policy save you money? Possibly, but there's a lot to consider. Read on for some helpful tips.

Apple picking.
Don't Miss Autumn Activities: Your Fall Bucket List

With sunny days, crisp evenings and lovely colors, fall is the perfect time of year to get outside. Check out these fun fall ideas.

Little girl on the phone.
Tips to Remember When Talking To Your Kids about Cyberbullying

Half of all teens are cyberbullied. Is your child at risk for being a victim? Parents, learn what you can do to help stop cyberbullying and keep your children safe.

BBQ picnic.
Keeping Your Picnic or Summer BBQ Safe

Enjoy the summer weather with friends before it's gone, but make sure you're doing so safely! Review our helpful tips.

Girl packing for college.
Getting Your Kids Ready for College: What Insurance Coverage Do They Need?

Learn how living on or off campus may affect your college student's insurance protection needs.

Multigenerational Homes and Insurance: What Happens When My Kids or Parents Move Back Home?

Important considerations for updating your home and auto insurance policies in a multi-generational household. Is your family covered?

Firework Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

More than half of all non-fatal firework injuries could have been prevented had better firework safety rules been followed. Follow these tips to stay safe.

older couple.
Financial Planning for Empty Nesters

Graduation season is upon us, which means more parents are adjusting to life as empty nesters. Take this five-point financial check-up.

Boat Safety

Counting down the days until it's warm enough to take your boat back out on the water? Follow our springtime boating guide to safely enjoy your afternoon.

Air Plane.
7 Easy Ways to Take the Headache Out of Airport Travel This Winter

Flight delayed or canceled? Learn the secrets to getting rebooked faster with these seven tips for winter airport travel.

A couple hugging
Make Life Simple With Encompass

Providing comprehensive coverage isn't all we do. That's why we've created our blog, Encompass Insights & Articles, featuring practical tips and more.

Life and Work Balance: How to Set Quality Time Aside

Setting time aside for yourself and your loved ones can seem impossible at times. But with the following tips in mind, you'll find it's easier than you planned.

Host a Winning Wine Tasting Event

Hosting a wine tasting event is a fun way to spend time with friends while learning something new about your favorite drink.

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