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8 Tips To Help Rid Your Closet of Clutter

Whether you live in a storage space-challenged small home or reside in a large home equipped with plentiful closets, it's possible that your hall closet serves as your coat, linen, utility, pantry and catch-all closet.

Clean out closet clutter once and for all with these easy-to-implement hall closet organization strategies.

A view of unorganized closet.

1. Clear every single thing out of the closet.

Lay all those winter coats, gloves, hats and scarves to the side. Stack up the kids' games and athletic equipment and stand the umbrellas, vacuum and broom in a corner. You can stash the clean bed linens and bathroom towels in a large unused garbage bag to protect them from dust while you work.

2. Give the closet a thorough cleaning.

Get your declutter project off on the right foot by vacuuming the whole closet. Be sure to get the shelves and deep into the corners where dust and spider webs collect. Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the doors, walls and baseboards. If you've got a wooden, tile or vinyl floor, give it a vigorous mopping.

3. Assess each item of clothing.

Bring an honest eye to the outerwear and footwear in your closet. Ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • Do I like the way it looks on me?
  • Have I worn it in the last year?

A "no" to any one of those questions makes the item eligible for the donations pile. If it's in great shape, you could sell it online or take it to a consignment store. But you might just find it easier and more rewarding to donate it. Animal shelters always appreciate old towels, sheets and blankets, but if an item is torn or stained, throw it out.

4. Sort through the games, toys and sports equipment.

It's possible your closet floor may have become a repository for all sorts of athletic footwear, balls, bats, board games and pet toys. When was the last time anyone played with these items? Do the shoes still fit the children? Try to find a local nonprofit that would be thrilled to accept your family's gently used recreational items.

This is where you're going to start using the "use every available inch" strategy by making the most of your shelf and floor space. Buy either a three-tier metal shoe storage rack or a wooden cubby to hold the footwear you decide to keep.

5. Organize the shelves.

Managing a mess can be fun when you contain it all in the right storage bins and baskets. Containers come in a huge variety of styles and materials, so go with what appeals to your eye and provides the most functionality. If you opt for closed bins with lids, label the front if it's not see-through. Stackable bins are best for maximizing your vertical space above a closet's hanging rod.

Shelf dividers are great for stacking items that you don't want to box, such as towels and sheets. They keep essential household supplies visible and within quick reach while providing support to prevent toppling.

6. Use your closet door creatively.

Over-the-door shoe bags are ideal for holding hats, gloves, belts and pretty much anything else you can squeeze in there. You can also cover the inside of the door with hooks of various sizes to keep track of car keys, dog leashes and your eco-friendly shopping bags.

7. Group cleaning supplies together.

Rather than having an assortment of loose household cleaners taking up shelf space, place them all in a basket or plastic caddy. You can sort the products by room (bathroom cleaners in one, kitchen items in another) for an easy grab-and-go solution.

8. Hang brooms and mops.

Use broom and mop grippers to get your cleaning tools off the floor and onto the closet wall or door. They go up instantly on any surface and don't leave holes or damage behind.

Turning your messy hall closet into an organized storage space is a rewarding effort, the results of which may inspire you to keep it that way.

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