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Quick Ways to Freshen Up a Rental Property

You want your home to reflect your personality, with decor and colors that make you feel comfortable. But when you're renting, putting a personal touch on your space isn't always easy.

Fortunately, there are ways to still add those touches but before you do, be sure to check your lease and speak with your landlord. Here's how to make your rental express your personality.

Woman decorating a room in a apartment.

Don't Paint, Stick

If your landlord isn't keen on the idea of a new paint color, consider a peel-and-stick option that's simple to install... and even easier to remove when it's time for a change (or your lease is up).

If you're not a wallpaper fan, decals make it simple to add color and interest to your walls. Just place these self-adhesive stickers where you want them, and peel them off again when your rental contract is up.

Replace Light Covers and Bulbs

If your rental's light fixtures are stuck in another era, consider switching out the covers. Many light fixtures have covers that can simply be screwed on and off. Your local home decor or big box home improvement store will likely carry a wide selection of covers, and many won't break the bank. You can take them along with you when you move out.

Replacing the light bulbs can make a difference, too. Consider replacing bulbs with ones that give off a warmer, softer light. Your home can feel instantly cozier.

For a more modern touch, consider using Edison bulbs. These vintage-inspired bulbs offer visual interest and a homey glow that instantly update light fixtures.

Freshen Up With Plants

Botanical elements enliven any room with layers of texture and color. From easy-care succulents to more temperamental orchids, houseplants are a great way to make a rental feel like home. Consider adding plants of various sizes and at multiple levels – on the floor, on shelves or hanging from the ceiling – to improve any room's visual interest.

Consider cacti and succulents if you prefer low-maintenance plantings that don't need much water. As an added bonus, plants help clean the air, too. These common houseplants are great at removing toxins from indoor spaces:

  • Aloe vera
  • Peace lily
  • Philodendrons
  • Spider plant

Cover the Flooring

Replacing flooring requires hard work and expertise – and it's not usually an inexpensive endeavor, either. You still have options, though such as layering rugs in a room.

Choosing the right rugs to personalize your rental space feels like both an art and a science. Determining the correct size is key, as a too-small rug can cut down on the cozy factor, while a too-big rug can overwhelm a room.

For a truly unique look, place a smaller, bold rug on top of a larger, neutral rug. The layering creates instant interest and one-of-a-kind character.

Even if you can't paint the walls or redo the floors, you can still create a space that's all yours. These decorating tips can help you transform a rental into a home that reflects your personality. Just be sure to check your contract and talk to your landlord before making any major changes.

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