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Essential emergency kit items for the car.
Disaster Preparedness: Build an Emergency Car Kit

If a natural disaster strikes while you're driving, having an emergency-preparedness kit in your car could help you weather the crisis safely and comfortably.

Car tires with snow in the tread.
Winter Tires vs. All Season

Find out which tire is right for you will depend on your driving style, and whether conditions. Learn the difference between Winter Tires and All Season.

An illustration a wrench above a car and plug connect to the car.
Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Car

Keep these pointers in mind to maintain your electric car, and refer to your owner's manual for any additional care that's specific to your vehicle.

An electric vehicle charging station sign.
What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car

Are you considering buying an electric vehicle? Find out which important factors you should consider before making your purchase decision.

A man and woman leaning on a car checking app on phone.
"App"-y Trails to You: 7 Apps for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips come with unique stresses. Be prepared for your next adventure by downloading these seven types of apps before loading up the car.

Family putting moving boxes into the truck of their car.
Moving Cross-Country? Ways to Bring Your Vehicle Along

Whether you're moving a couple states away or across the country, check out these options for transporting your vehicle.

Three kids in the car backseat on their tablets.
Tips for Keeping Your Kids Entertained in the Car

Keeping kids entertained during a long car ride can be a challenge. Check out these tips to help keep your passengers occupied so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Caught in a Snow Storm: Now What?

6 winter weather tips for navigating those snowy road: prep tips, driving tips, and more.

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

Car accidents happen all the time, especially during the winter season. Implement these 5 tips to protect your car and yourself by keeping your car clean this winter.

A gentleman's hand holding a remote start key.
Important Tips to Help Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is coming, and if you have a car, you need to do these key things to prepare.

A gentleman's hand holding a remote start key.
Getting a Remote Starter in Your Car

Tired of sitting in a freezing car during the winter? Getting a remote start system for your car offers comfort, time savings, convenience and safety.

A gentleman using the gas pump to refuel his car.
Saving on Gas in the Winter

About to hit the road, but feeling concerned about rising gas prices? Save money at the pump this winter with these simple car maintenance and driving tips.

A person using a coin checks the depth of a tire tread.
Safety Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Quick Tire Tips

Taking care of a vehicle's tires not only helps you get the most mileage out of them, it's also vital for the safety of the driver and passengers.

Fuel pump.
How to Save on Gas This Summer

Summer is a great time for a road trip, but who wants to waste money on fuel bills? Here's how to save money on gas when you hit the road this summer.

winter tires.
Motorcycle Maintenance: Things to Remember

Keeping up with routine motorcycle maintenance will help keep your bike running smoothly and safely. Here are the top tips for motorcycle maintenance.

winter tires.
Your Car Breaks Down, Now What?

Car breakdowns can pose dangers if you are not prepared. Check out these smart safety tips.

winter tires.
Helping Your Teenage Driver Learn Responsibility and Safety

Teenage drivers are 1.6 times more likely to be in a fatal accident. Four tips for talking to your teen about vehicle safety and responsible driving.

winter tires.
General Maintenance for your car

Diligent vehicle maintenance can help old cars run like new cars. This post details a few of the most effective steps you can take to care for your car.

winter tires.
The Impact of Cold Weather on Your Car's Tires

Tire pressure decreases when the temperature drops. Find out the effects of driving with underinflated tires and how to maintain correct tire pressure.

Deer on the road.
Protecting Your Winter Toys

Are you a winter sport enthusiast? These five tips can help you increase your personal safety and protect your winter toys before, during, and after use!

Deer on the road.
I Hit a Deer! What Should I Do?

Would you know what to do if you hit a deer with your car? Learn how to react - and what not to do - when you've struck a deer with your automobile.

Poor Weather.
Five Smart Tips for Driving in Poor Weather

Poor weather is a primary or contributing cause to many serious accidents. This post details how to stay safe in a deteriorating road environment.

Vehicle mainternance.
What You Need to Know When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car? Wondering what to look for, what to avoid, and how to ensure that you're getting a good deal? Our used car buying tips will help.

Vehicle mainternance.
5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Essential vehicle maintenance, accident prevention, and some safe driving tips for your next summer road trip.

Car rental desk.
Driving Safely on Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the perfect season for a road trip. This post covers what you need to know to drive safely, including pre-trip preparations and rules of the road.

Car rental desk.
Car Rental Insurance: Considerations to Keep in Mind

Confused about car rental insurance? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

buying a new car.
Insuring Your New Car? Here Are Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

Car insurance is incredibly important. This post offers a breakdown of the core considerations any new car buyer may want to consider when insuring a new vehicle.

windeshield damage.
Windshield Damage & Repair: What Does My Insurance Cover?

Repairing windshield damage promptly is important to continuing safe driving. Learn what to do if your windshield chips or cracks.

Car engine.
Four Tips For Maintaining A Seldom Used Vehicle

Did you know that cars that are rarely driven can require even more maintenance than those driven regularly? Check out our tips to help keep your seldom used car in working order.

Helpful Tips If You're In a Fender Bender

You've just been in a fender bender. Here are some helpful steps you could take if you're involved in a minor car accident.

Tips for Preparing Your Home and Car for Hot Summer Weather

Is your A/C system as efficient as it could be? Follow these tips to prepare your home and car for hot summer weather.

5 Travel Tips for the Perfect Summer Road Trip

Hitting the road for a summer vacation with the family? These 5 travel tips will help you stay safe and stress-free on your next summertime adventure!

Road damage due to earthquake.
Driving When an Earthquake Strikes

Earthquakes can occur at any time without warning, including on your commute home from work. Check out our helpful tips.

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle culture has a long tradition in America. Sadly, so do motorcycle accidents. These tips will help keep you safe on the open road.

Winter Tires.
Why You Need Winter Tires

With winter comes snow, ice and bad driving conditions — is your car up to par? Check out why winter tires could help you ride a little safer this winter.

Man leaning in car window with keys in hand.
Teen Driving Tips

Before your teen hops into the car for the first time without you, keep these tips in mind when talking to them about their new responsibilities.

Winter road with caution side.
Don't Melt Down: 7 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Winter driving presents a host of challenges and leads to thousands of auto-related injuries each year. These 7 winter driving tips help you arrive safely.

3D modeled car.
Connected Cars Driving the Future.

Auto safety remains top priority. Connected cars of the future are on the road to improving that, only better and with more ease than any vehicle before them.

Old time cars.
What Side Are You On? Classic Tale of Antique Rivalry.

Classic car versus antique automobile. There's a difference and even a rivalry between the two. If you're thinking of buying, read more to learn the how they differ.

Electric car charging.
Top Five Luxury Hybrids

Cutting edge technology, eco-friendly and high end design cars: hybrid meets luxury. Read our list of the top 5 luxury hybrid vehicles.

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