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Choosing the Right Driver’s Ed Program for Your Teen

Choosing the right driving school can help make all the difference in how prepared your teen is to pass their road test. We hope the tips below will help you feel good about this huge milestone in your child's life.

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Check the Practice Driving Requirements in Your State First

Every state requires 16 and 17-year-old drivers to complete a minimum of practice driving hours with a parent or licensed adult. The number of hours usually falls between 30 and 50, with at least ten needing to occur at night. You can look up the requirements for your state here.

Please note that these practice hours are in addition to driver's training. Your teen will need at least a certain required amount of practice hours recorded before going out with a driver's education instructor for the first time.

Tips for Choosing the Best Driving School

When looking for a driving school for your teen, remember that the instructor and office staff should also work with you. For example, the instructor should give specific feedback after each lesson and tell you what skills to work on with your teen before the next lesson. Here are some additional considerations to help you decide:

  • Visit the facility in person.
  • Choose a school that doesn't rush the process and will give your teen as much time as necessary to feel confident in their driving skills.
  • Driving lessons should be at least 90 minutes to two hours each time for maximum effectiveness.
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau website to see if the driving school has a rating or any outstanding complaints. Any business can have complaints filed against it, but what truly matters is whether the driving school takes action to resolve those complaints.
  • Track the practice driving hours you or other family members put in with your teen. You will need to present a log of practice hours when your teen reports for the road test.

Once your teen obtains a driver's license, you need to set rules about using the car. Your teen should understand that driving is a privilege, not an automatic right. Most states have laws that state teens cannot transport children or other teens until they have had their license for six months to one year.

How to Help Your Teen Be a Safe Driver

The most important thing you can do to instill safe driving habits in your teenager is to model safe and courteous driving. Whether your teenager is driving or you are, remain calm and avoid making gestures or speaking poorly of other drivers.

Don't Forget to Add Your Teen to Your Insurance Policy

Once your teen obtains a driver's permit, contact your local independent insurance agent to add another driver to your coverage.

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