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Encompass® Insurance Insights & Articles

We're dedicated to being a resource for you and your family. Here are some Encompass Insurance Insights and Articles that can help you simplify your life at every stage.


House hunting in cold weather.


New Year's Insurance Check: Is your Coverage Up to Date?

Take time now to review your current policies and discuss any changes with your insurance agent so you and your family will be protected.


Essential emergency kit items for the car.


Disaster Preparedness: Build an Emergency Car Kit

If a natural disaster strikes while you're driving, having an emergency-preparedness kit in your car could help you weather the crisis safely and comfortably.

Personal Property

Group of people taking photos of their food with their smartphone.


Tips to Break Away from your Smartphone

Mobile devices have changed our culture and become hard to break away from. Learn some quick tips to help you take a break from your device.


a sick women.


Eight Tips for Keeping Yourself and Your Family Healthy During Flu Season

The flu is unpleasant at best and life-threatening at worst. These eight tips will inform you how to help keep yourself and your family healthy during flu season.

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