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Encompass® Insurance Insights & Articles

We're dedicated to being a resource for you and your family. Here are some Encompass Insurance Insights and Articles that can help you simplify your life at every stage.


Person holding one knitted glove over a furnace.


What to Do If Your Furnace Breaks

Furnace trouble in freezing weather can cause serious problems for homeowners. This article gives steps to follow if your furnace fails this winter.

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Windsheild wipers clearing snow away from the window.


Important Tips to Help Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is coming, and if you have a car, you need to do these key things to prepare.

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Personal Property

winter home.


Winterizing Your Second Home and Watercrafts

Learn how to better protect summer homes and watercraft from adverse winter weather, deter thieves, and insure your property investments.

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A couple preparing a thanksgiving turkey.


Six Steps to Hosting a Heart-Warming Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a very popular holiday designed to express gratitude for the families we choose. Learn how to host the perfect celebration.

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