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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Chair

Whether you are in an office or at home working, your seated posture can really affect your physical health and ability to focus. Choosing the right office chair can help you feel more comfortable throughout your day, and when you feel more comfortable, you may have fewer distractions pulling your attention away from work.

There are so many options for different kinds of chairs – and at very different price points. If you are ready to invest in a better chair for your workspace, this guide can help you make the right choice.

Home office desk with a computer monitor, speakers, and desk chair.

What Should You Look for in an Office Chair?

The right desk chair for you is going to depend on your needs. Several factors may change which chair may or may not work. Consider the following:

  • Legs: You want the seat to be at a comfortable height to support your legs at a 90° angle. Too high or low, and your hips, shoulders and knees will take extra pressure from your poor posture.
  • Back: One of the most important features will be how the chair supports your back. You may need more support in your upper or lower back. Many desk chairs are adjustable, so you can be sure the pressure supports you in exactly the right place.
  • Height: Determine how high you want the chair (low back, mid-rise or high-rise chair)
  • Arms: Adjustable arms make it easier to ensure your elbows rest comfortably when your hands aren't on the keyboard. Some choose armless office chairs, so they have more freedom to pull up under a desk or because they don't like the restriction of the arms.
  • Rest: If you like to lay back in your office chair for a break, reclining may be an important factor for you.
  • Movement: Swivel options can be nice if you want to turn a lot at your desk, but some find them distracting and prefer a stationary chair. Another movement to consider is how much the chair recoils as you sit down, since this reduces the shock to your lower back and hips as you sit.
  • Material: Some may prefer a chair in smooth leather because it's a quality material that feels luxurious. Faux leather is easy to clean but can get hot and sticky if you get hot easily. Some chairs are made out of breathable mesh in an effort to be cooler and still comfortable.

What Is the Best Office Chair?

To find the seat to help you maintain good posture, you will want to search for ergonomic chairs. It's often best to choose chairs with high reviews that come at a variety of price points. Reviews will often give you insight into how the features and chair quality really hold up in a workspace setting.

Choose a chair from a company that offers a no-hassle money-back guarantee so you can send the chair back if it isn't what you expected.

Chairs are an investment, and you want to pick the right one for you. When you have a great chair, you will feel less distracted and uncomfortable throughout your workday.

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