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Top Seven Hiring Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow Successfully

Over half of all small business owners struggle to find the right employees for their company. Recruiting can be difficult because small business owners may not know when to hire, which positions to fill and how to evaluate potential employees. The following seven tips help your small business successfully hire quality employees who support your company's mission, productivity and growth.

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1. Decide If You're Ready to Hire

To fulfill the vision for your small business, you might want to hire dozens of employees. Your company may be able to function efficiently with just a few quality employees, though. Before you place a help wanted ad, take these steps.

  • Calculate how many hours the new employee would work. If you only need someone for a few hours a week, you may wish to hire a contractor.
  • Write a detailed job description that clearly states your expectations for the position. This framework helps you craft a help wanted ad, guides the interview process and increases your ability to hire the right person for the job.
  • Ensure you can afford the ongoing costs of the new employee, which is generally 1.25 to 1.4 times an employee's annual salary.

2. Hire From the Top

Fill leadership roles first to strengthen your company's internal relationships with employees and external relationships with customers, clients and other companies. You can always expand your employee roster later as your company grows or your needs change.

3. Consider the Company Culture

Employees at a small business often feel like family, and the attitudes, actions and behaviors of each person affect everyone. That's why it's important for new hires to fit into your company's culture. The ideal employee will mesh well, improve morale and help everyone feel comfortable.

Use a pre-employment assessment tool and/or an informal chat to discover a job candidate's personality, motivations, values, and preferences. You may also review social media profiles and contact references to verify if an applicant would fit with your company's culture.

4. Support Your Brand

Improve collaboration, enthusiasm, productivity, and retention when you hire employees who buy into your company's brand and share your values, goals and vision. Employees who are eager to contribute and want more than a paycheck will put your company's interests first.

5. Streamline Your Hiring Process

Your small business can hire top candidates quickly thanks to your compact size. You only need one or two people to handle the hiring process, which means you can be quick and efficient as you fill available positions.

6. Wait for the Right Candidate

Choosing the first qualified applicant is easy but not always best. Because you hire only a few employees, try to fill open positions with individuals who will bring their talent, energy and passion to the position and support your company's long-term success.

7. Increase Employee Retention

Hiring new employees can be costly. Save time and money and make your company attractive to future employees when you retain and engage the individuals you have already hired.

Employee retention and engagement is likely to happen when you provide motivational incentives, such as:

  • Fair compensation
  • Performance feedback
  • Professional mentorship
  • Skill training
  • Workday autonomy
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Flexible hours
  • Genuine appreciation

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