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How to Hire Better Candidates Every Time

Hiring employees can be an opportunity to meet talented professionals who can take your company to new heights. However, you may also feel pressure to get your choices right, especially in a small company. Here are a few hiring tips to give you a new perspective.

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Communicate with Candidates

Close to 73% of employers have reported having a difficult time finding strong talent. While the reasons for this vary across organizations, there are ways to improve the quality of your applicants. Attracting the right candidates can be as simple as being upfront about what you can offer. From medical benefits to straight salary, transparency helps candidates apply in good faith. If the package isn't as competitive as you'd like, you may want to emphasize the aspects that set you apart from other companies.

For instance, maybe your company makes every effort to promote from within or provides a solid education within the industry. If the company supports charitable organizations or the community, try framing your initiatives as a way for candidates to take part in a bigger operation for change.

Take Your Time

Depending on your hiring deadlines, you may not have much time to evaluate candidates the way you'd like. However, you may want to ask yourself if the cost of choosing the wrong person is worth the cost of a delay. Experts recommend prioritizing core traits as much as industry knowledge and experience.

A candidate with five years of experience may be a better choice than someone with 10 years, especially if the latter candidate has changed companies four times over the past decade. You can also consider how each applicant will get along with the general staff. During the interview, try asking questions about conflict resolution and general managing skills. Or develop a testing question that provides insight into the candidate's logic.

Follow a Process

Your company doesn't have to follow all the hiring rules, especially if only a few people work in the office. However, it can help to develop a standard protocol that includes prescreening, second interviews and testing. During the interview process, consider asking how the candidate feels about their career. If their dream position is still several years away, it helps to know where they're coming from and how they're handling the steps to their eventual destination.

Human resource experts recommend being extremely clear about what you're looking for and encouraging the candidate to do the same. This process can be the key to stronger negotiations. Once you understand the candidate's needs, you can use that as leverage. You can even offer the perk of working from home several times a month instead of increasing the salary, or you offer flex time, so the employee can have more discretion over their schedule.

Hiring works best when it's right for both the company and the candidate. These tips are just variations on ways to slow everything down, so both you and the candidate can better understand the terms of the agreement. From the first draft of the job description to the end of a probationary period, taking your time is a great way to really get to know the applicant. Most employers are looking for someone who's a great cultural fit while still bringing new ideas and skills to the table, and better practices can make that happen.

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