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5 Great Reasons For Hiring Entry-Level Talent

When you find yourself needing to hire help, it can be a sure sign that your small business is growing. While you want someone who can hit the ground running, many small businesses can't afford to meet the salary expectations of experienced candidates.

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One solution? Consider hiring an entry-level employee. While you might think a recent college grad doesn't have the long-term experience, they can bring new and meaningful ideas to the table. A college background in such areas as campus clubs, athletics, volunteering and even part-time jobs can help to show time management and unique leadership skills.

Aside from offering them a salary that's probably more in line with your current budget, following are some other benefits your company may enjoy from hiring young, entry-level talent.

1. You can train them in your preferred practices and methods.

Unlike a mature worker with a long history of positions and employers filling up a resume, a younger candidate typically doesn't come with pre-established methods, ingrained workplace habits and strong personal biases. They're less likely to be set in their ways and more inclined to welcome your input and guidance as to exactly how you'd like things done.

You get the chance to train a new employee on your best practices and company culture from the ground up. You'll probably find that they are eager to please, willing to learn and very adaptable in the face of change.

2. You benefit from their highly motivated attitude.

If your new employee is a recent college graduate, all of the effort that went into earning that degree is now ripe for application to their professional career path. They will probably be ambitious, enthusiastic and very motivated to impress you with their evolving skills.

This drive to perform and achieve often manifests as a strong commitment to the company and the role they play in its success. Additionally, your new hire may feel a sense of gratitude for offering them the position in a very competitive job market. This can translate into deep loyalty that makes them more likely to play a long-term role in the continued growth and profitability of your company.

3. Their willingness to take risks may pay off in big ways.

New professionals with less prior experience can be more innovative in their thinking and more fearless in their decision-making. The "just go for it" attitude often seen in younger workers can bring great value to your company as they think outside the box and come up with fresh, new insights and alternative ways to improve processes and procedures.

4. They might help you reach other demographics.

Chances are good that your new employee has never known life without the internet, social media, e-commerce and smartphones. College probably made them even more technologically proficient, with ongoing exposure to the latest hardware, software and applications.

This might make your new hire very well suited for helping you expand your demographic reach through revamped social media and content marketing strategies. It might also give you the chance to become more tech-savvy as you collaborate on projects together.

5. You'll get to practice your managerial skills and become a better leader.

Helping to mold a new professional while providing inspiration and wise counsel can hone your leadership skills. Adding new employees to your company payroll also encourages you to take a long-term, strategic view with an eye toward developing talent for promotions.

When you're thinking about bringing entry-level employees on board, consider the benefits of hiring for potential and competency as opposed to prioritizing professional experience. Said another way ━ hire for talent, aptitude and learning agility; train for skills. If the interviewee sitting in front of you has a demonstrated history of applying passion, persistence and leadership skills to their college experience, you'd be wise to consider them.

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