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Learn a Few Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

Today's customers are inundated with choice. Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever to access a wide range of offerings, no matter what a customer may need.

So how would a company stand out in a sea of options? Part of the answer lies in providing customers with more than they get from other businesses. Distinguishing your business doesn't always require an over-the-top gesture. Sometimes, it's the small, thoughtful actions that really dazzle.

Here are quick ways to help impress your customers and help build brand loyalty.

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Answer Their Questions... Quickly

It's no secret that the heart of good customer service lies in effective communication. That means taking the time to truly listen to your customers, make sure they feel heard and – perhaps most importantly – answer their inquiries.

Let your customers know that they can bring their questions to you at all stages of a transaction. When you're approachable and easy to contact, customers feel valued. Make customer support available and your responses prompt through each interaction.

Consider Language Choices

Studies on language usage in customer interactions indicate that certain word and phrase choices can go a long way toward improving customer interactions. The way your employees talk to customers matters.

Whether face-to-face, on social media platforms, over the phone, or through text, chat or email, consider implementing the following language choices:

  • Centering the customer in the conversation through dedicated attention
  • Using the word "I" to personalize and humanize interactions, rather than the collective "we"
  • Thanking the customer often and acknowledging their patience
  • Using specific, concrete language whenever possible (for instance, "that product will be delivered next Monday after 2pm," rather than "the product will be delivered next week")
  • Repeating the customer's concern; for example, "I'll find out why the wrong product was sent to you," rather than the more generic "I'll look into that"

Offer Loyalty Perks

Research suggests that loyalty programs increase customer retention. Consider a loyalty program as a way to show gratitude to customers who come back. While you don't have to set up an "official" (i.e. complicated) loyalty program, customers appreciate receiving recognition or rewards for their repeat business.

Loyalty rewards could be as simple as a punch card that, when full, offers a discount on the next sale. Alternately, if your business relies on customer referrals, set aside a budget for referral rewards. At the very least, thank customers who refer others to your company.

Create a Personalized Experience

No one likes to feel like a number... and for customers, an impersonal experience may be a deal-breaker, especially with so many other choices available.

Create a personalized experience to help boost customer loyalty and retention. Email automation is a helpful tool to increase customization. Ideas for personalization may include:

  • Emailing a coupon to customers who haven't interacted with your business in a while
  • Sending a special message on a customer's birthday
  • Offering a discount on a customer's anniversary with your business
  • Following up on a product or service
  • Offering discounts on related items
  • Sending thank you notes after interactions

In a world where customers have many choices, making your business stand out is key. Using personalization, thoughtful language, loyalty perks, and responsive communication are just a few ways to quickly impress customers and build loyalty.

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