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8 Tips for Attending a Virtual Event

Are you attending a virtual event? There are many upsides to online meetings, webinars and conferences – especially the part where you don't have to bother with travel expenses or booking a hotel. You can watch the virtual event from the comfort of your own home or office, near your own food, bathroom and couch for whenever there is downtime.

Here are 8 things you will want to do to make the most out of your next virtual event.

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Know your Technology

As soon as you know what platform the event will be on, you can download it and ready to go. Get used to the platform if possible, exploring the different tools and features. This is a great time to make sure it works on your device or laptop.

Not only do you want to make sure the platform works, but you also want to make sure the rest of your setup is good to go. Are you planning to watch it on a TV screen to increase the size for easier visibility? Do you need to set up speakers so you can hear easily? If you are participating in breakout rooms, group activities or Q&A, then you may even need a mic to ensure your voice is clear whenever you speak.

Choose Your Environment

You will want a quiet place with a comfortable seat. An ergonomic desk chair is great because it will help you have good posture for a longer time of sitting. But, getting up as much as possible is a good idea too.

If you will be on screen at all, you will want to consider your backdrop. Choose a well decorated and lit part of the house – preferably by a window for natural lighting. Avoid having the light shine directly on the screen since this will cause glares that may make it hard to see the presenters, tools or slides. Even though most virtual events won't show participants, you should always act like your screen or mic could be turned on at any time.

Understand the Time Commitment

Make sure you are completely free during the event times. Keep your family in the loop to avoid unnecessary interruptions. If the agenda is posted ahead of time, you can get a feel for when you will have free time and breaks. It's a good idea to know what sessions are offered so you can go to the ones that interest you.

Have Snacks and Drinks

Plan ahead and have snacks and drinks that will help give you energy throughout the event. Avoid foods that will make you sleepy. It's always good to drink plenty of water.

Take Notes

You can type notes on a separate device or use a pad and pen to jot things down. Not only will note-taking help you remember the information later, but it can also help keep your mind active, focused and awake.


When they open up the floor for conversation or questions – jump in. Try to make the most out of the event by participating when possible.

Network With Attendees

Don't just sit behind your computer screen and observe – take the opportunity to meet new people. You may find that you can form an important business connection later and have this event in common as a shared experience.

Thank Your Host

If you enjoyed the content, thank your host. The company putting on the event will be happy to hear what you loved about the experience, and feedback may help them create an even better event next time.

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