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Large yellow binder book, titled Emergency plan on the spine.
Severe Weather Comes in Many Forms: Is Your Office Prepared?

Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes are just some examples of severe weather that can threaten your business. Here's what to do in each situation.

Woman on the phone in her office.
Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur

Congratulations on coming up with the concept for a new business. Here are several tasks you need to tackle before you start serving customers.

Woman talking on her phone while taking notes.
Tips for Creating Meaningful Dialogue With Customers

Check out our latest blog post to see five effective tips on creating meaningful dialogue with customers.

A paper with a heading of employee handbook, surrounding by glasses, pens, notepad, calculator.
Why and How to Update Your Employee Handbook

Protect your company and support your employees with a relevant and updated handbook. Read on to learn how, why and when to perform this task.

Group of female employees walking in the office holding coffee and notebooks.
Keeping Morale Up While the Year Is Winding Down

If you're noticing a drop in morale as the year's end approaches, implement one or more of these tips to keep staff engaged and inspired.

Woman holding a OPEN sign in front of glass door.
Opening Another Location? Learn Five Tips Before Expanding

Opening a second location for your business is both exciting and challenging. Check out our blog post for tips on how to do it successfully.

two women meeting with each other in a office.
Top Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

Prepare a list of questions that showcase your talents and reveal additional information about potential employers.

A view of a home-based office with desktop monitor and laptop on the desk.
Top Tips for Successfully Working from Home

Remote workers face unique challenges. Learn how to work from home successfully with these helpful tips on improving your workflow and productivity.

Men and women in the foreground and background of an office looking paperwork and a laptop.
Starting a Business Blog

How to start a blog for your business.

Water damage in the ceiling tile.
What to Do If Your Office Building Has a Water Leak

What to do if you think your office building has a water leak: Common signs of water leakage, prevention methods, and managing business disruption.

Woman taking notes at her work desk in front of a computer.
Midyear Business Review: Stay on Track for Success

Set your business up for success with a comprehensive midyear business review including accounting, sales & marketing, and employee performance.

Man and woman sitting on the floor looking at paperwork.
Understanding the Risks of Starting Your Business

Knowing the risks involved is the first step in creating a solid business plan. Find out about common threats facing small businesses.

Overhead view of a man holding his phone while his laptop screen displays his blog post.
How to Start a Business Blog

How to start a blog for your business.

A person using their smartphone to pay at a cafe.
Pros and Cons of Using Credit Reader Apps for Small Businesses

Top considerations when choosing a mobile card payment option for small businesses.

A person using their smartphone in the background with the phrase, search engine optimization, displayed in the foreground.
Top 5 SEO Tips for a Small Business

Improve your traffic by landing higher in the search results. Try these five SEO tips to optimize your website for the search engines.

Two women meeting with their notes and computers.
Tips for Getting Your Next Raise

Asking for a raise can be intimidating. Here are our best tips on how to broach the subject and increase your chances for success.

A live chat screen on a smartphone, with a message asking how can I help.
Would a Chatbot Be Right for Your Small Business?

Are chatbots good for small businesses? You might be able to save time, or it could be a waste of money- Find out more.

Home office desk with a computer monitor, speakers, and desk chair.
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Chair

From posture to movement, office chairs impact your workday. A guide covering important features you may appreciate for your next chair.

A woman in a book store looking at a specific book.
Top 10 Books Every Business Owner Should Own and Read

Improve your business acumen, productivity and sales with insights, resources and advice from top business experts.

Woman facing her computer screen on home office desk.
Tips To Increase Focus and Productivity While Working From Home

Working from home includes benefits and challenges. Improve your focus and productivity with tips that help you manage distractions, set boundaries and achieve success.

Woman wearing a headset while presenting her project board to a video conference group.
Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

A virtual event can be effective, impactful and valuable. Top tips for creating a successful and engaging event for your company.

Man using his tablet to access apps for brand buiding.
Why You Should Evolve Your Business's Brand (And How to Do It)

Ready to take your brand from basic to evolved and powerful? Learn how to improve your company's branding in 7 steps. Here's how to up your customer service game.

Woman at her desk writing notes while on a video group conference displaying on her computer screen.
7 Tips for Attending a Virtual Event

Attending a virtual event? Learn how to get the most out of your event with these tips and tricks.

A backup generator on the side of a home.
Should You Buy a Backup Generator for Your Business?

Ask yourself six questions before you invest in a backup generator for your business.

Pencil placed on top of a emergency storm checklist document.
Quick Tips to Help Prepare for the Storm

When a storm is on the way, you can take steps to help your customers prepare. Here's how to help customers weather the storm.

Man signaling a thumbs up in front of video conference group.
Leading from a Distance

In today's remote workplaces, managers must find new ways to lead from a distance. These tips will help keep employees engaged while working remotely.

Woman on her smartphone with 5-stars displayed above the phone.
Learn a Few Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

Standing out in a sea of choices isn't easy. These tips will help you distinguish your business by impressing customers and building brand loyalty.

Man on a laptop with a presentation displaying Staff Training.
Benefits of Cross Training Your Team

Cross-training offers benefits to employees and employers alike. From enhanced job skills to better morale, here's why cross-training employees helps your agency.

Person sitting at a work desk stretching their shoulder.
Stiff at Work

Sitting all day at work can cause you to feel stiff... and it's not great for your health. Here are 5 ways to move more.

Women in room having conversation with each other.
5 Networking Mistakes That Tank Your Professional Image

Networking is key to professional growth, but it's not always easy. Here's how to avoid common mistakes that can tarnish your professional image.

Pen and calculator on top receipts for a expense report.
Small Biz Expenses

From the right bookkeeping system to digital accounting tools, here are 6 tips to help you track your small business expenses.

Woman wearing headset smiling.
Customer Expectations

In uncertain times, customers expect (and demand) great customer service. But how can businesses provide it? Here's how to up your customer service game.

Hands ripping a document labeled contract agrement in half.
Tips to Help With Client Relationships

Breaking up with clients can be stressful and awkward, even when it's necessary. Here's how to say "so long" with tact and respect.

Man clicking virtual on-screen Reduce Stress button.
How Managers Can Help Employees Manage Stress

Stressed employees lead to decreased productivity, high turnover, and low morale. Here's how managers can help employees deal with stress.

Social media icons floating above a person's keyboard.
Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Half the world (literally) is on social media and your business should be, too. Here's how to optimize your social media presence.

A man on his laptop with screen displaying the word secured.
How to Secure Your Home Network

Protecting your home network means keeping your important information safe. These tips will help you secure your home network.

Man holding smartphone while the apps pop out of the phone.
Tech Tools to Help Your Business Go Virtual

As businesses continue a shift to virtual, many look to technology for help. These tech tools can help your business go virtual.

A woman smiling while looking at her smartphone.
Top Five Social Media Trends for Small Businesses

Five social media trends are emerging for 2021. Learn more as you help your small business grow online.

Oops 404 page not found written on a chalkboard.
What to do When Your Website Crashes (and How to Prevent It!)

What can you do if your business website is crashing? How to manage your website error and prevent future issues.

Overhead view of a woman on a zoom video chat.
Telecommuting: Top Benefits and Challenges

Top pros and cons to remote work and telecommuting, including talent recruitment and retention benefits, productivity challenges, and communication hurdles.

Apply now text-overlaying a woman using a ipad.
How to Hire Better Candidates Every Time

If you've ever hired the wrong employee, you know the risks of making a rushed decision. Keep these suggestions in mind for a little boost of confidence.

Person wiping down their computer keyboard.
Cleaning Workspace

No matter where they are, all workspaces have one thing in common: They function better when they're clean and organized. These tips will help.

A Woman with her phone headset on looking at her PC.
Cold Calling Tips

Tips to boost your cold calling success rate. Optimize this proven technique that allows you to connect with prospects and generate sales.

Blackboard with employee recognition written on it.
Energize Your Team for the New Year

How to energize your team in the New Year with SMART goal setting, team building events, and performance recognition.

Woman opening her window curtains for sunlight.
7 Habits of Top Performers

Ready to increase your effectiveness this year? These are some habits of top performers that may benefit you, too.

Pen on pad of paper.
Effective Goal Setting for the New Year

With a new year comes new opportunities, and the chance to set effective goals to help your employees - and your business - achieve success.

A woman recruiter on video-conference screen.
Virtual Interview

As interviews go virtual, these tips will help employers and employees adjust to the new digital reality.

A woman smiling with her co-workers during a video conference call.
5 Ways Managers Can Boost Team Morale

5 strategies to help managers improve team morale, boost employee engagement, and increase productivity when employees work from home.

Clipboard with a employee evaluation form attached.
Employee Review Tips

Employee reviews don't have to be a chore. Here's how to transform this annual task into a helpful tool.

Person writing note.
Meeting Customer Expectations in a Changing Environment

How can business and agency owners meet constantly evolving customer expectations in a rapidly changing environment? Here's what you need to know.

PTO note.
Why Time Away from Work Matters

Employee time off enhances performance, yet few Americans feel comfortable taking vacation days. How to create a company culture that supports time off.

A man looking at phishing scam computer screen.
Don't Get Caught: How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing emails and online scams are everywhere. Here's how to avoid getting caught.

Man on a web conference call taking notes.
Keeping Employee Training Up to Date

Keep employee training up to date with virtual solutions that teach new skills and improve leadership.

A person using their smartphone's apps
Virtual Connections: Communicating in a Digital World

We live (and work) in a digital world; here's how to enhance your customers' experience and update your virtual communication strategy.

Women taking notes while working on the computer.
Finding Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

Effective work-life balance strategies when working from home, tips for reducing burnout, and how to balance personal and professsional demands.

Woman with a headset in front of laptop.
5 Steps for Virtual Onboarding

5 tips for virtual onboarding success: What small businesses need to know about remote onboarding

Woman working on her computer.
Home Business Insurance Options

This article discusses the basics of insurance for home based and small business and provides tips for choosing insurance for your home-based business.

Notebook page with the heading Professional Development Goals.
Talent Development

Talent development is an effective tool for developing your business. Here's what you need to know about individual and team learning opportunities.

People in a cafe using their laptops.
Using Public Wi-Fi: Protecting Data on Public Networks

How to stay safe and protect your data when using public Wi-Fi networks.

A cashier taking a customer's order on the kiosk.
Job Options for Teens this Summer

With a summer job, teens learn numerous skills that prepare them for their future. Check out these summer job recommendations and suggestions for teens.

Gentleman shaking hands with a woman in an office.
Key Components of a Successful Employee Onboarding Program

Onboarding new hires correctly is key for employee retention, engagement and productivity. Learn some of the core components of a successful onboarding process.

A group of new employees sitting at a table.
Benefits of Hiring Interns Year-Round

Hiring interns can yield beneficial results for your company, employees and future. Learn the five benefits of hiring interns throughout the year.

A working hold a box of their office things.
Important Steps for Handling a Layoff with Sensitivity

When downsizing requires employee layoffs, small-business owners need to act with sensitivity and integrity. Learn six ways to help soften the blow.

Woman shaking hands with her boss in meeting.
Ways to Be the Boss People Love to Work For

The way a manager treats employees can make or break a small business. Learn 10 ways you can be the boss people want to work for.

A group pf people attending a town hall meeting.
Affordable Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

Does your small business have a small advertising budget? Discover six affordable ways to advertise and promote it effectively.

Woman using her smartphone as her laptop and notepad lay on a yoga mat.
7 Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

Staying healthy at work can be more of a challenge for those who work in an office. Check out 7 easy strategies for a healthier workplace experience.

A man holding a post-it note up.
Customer Testimonials: Worth Their Weight in Gold

Online reviews from happy and unhappy customers have changed the way consumers make buying decisions in big ways. Learn how your business can benefit from them.

A cover page of binder displaying the title Business Continuity Plan.
Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan and How to Create One

A business continuity plan (BCP) can help your organization recover faster after a disaster, helping to minimize losses, damage and downtime.

Desk note with a message stating Refer a Friend.
Business Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals can play an important role in your marketing strategy. Check out these tips on how to ask your contacts for referrals.

Two women sitting down for a meeting.
Benefits of Becoming an Independent Insurance Agent

Benefits of Becoming an Independent Insurance Agent.

Woman shaking hands with a man in the office.
9 Tips for Nailing That Next Big Interview

How well you present yourself in a job interview can be the difference between career fulfillment and losing out to the competition. Get 9 tips to help you succeed.

Employees enjoying a pizza in the office.
8 Ways to Demonstrate Employee Appreciation

Employees who feel valued are happier, more productive, and less likely to be absent or quit. Learn 8 ways to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts.

Man in suit holding notepaper sign in front of him.
Managing Your Personal Brand for Professional Success

Developing a strong personal brand is crucial to your professional success. Check out four ways to craft a personal brand that's a true reflection of your values.

Mother and daughter glance at a tablet.
Challenges When Running a Family Business

Common challenges when running a family business and constructive solutions to help family businesses thrive.

First page of a notepad with the title, Goal Setting.
Setting Goals

Encompass explains how setting goals for your business and employees provides motivation, direction and a clear way to measure progress.

Man looking at the Linkedin page on a tablet.
Making Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You

Encompass offers advice on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can expand your network and showcase your expertise.

A clipboard with a paper titled paid family leave.
Returning to Work After a Leave of Absence: Tips for Employees and Employers

Tips for employees and employers returning to work after an extended absence. How to manage the transition and set everyone up for success.

Security shield.
Crime Prevention Tips for Small Business

Reduce your risk for armed robbery and burglaries with five essential small business crime prevention tips.

A broken windows on a business door.
Crime Prevention: What to Do After Vandalism or a Burglary

Read this step-by-step outline and learn what to do to minimize the impact of vandalism or a burglary on your small business.

A piggy bank with cash stuffed in the top.
How Businesses Can Prepare Financially Now, Before a Disaster

This article offers a few actionable tips to help businesses protect themselves financially in case of a disaster.

Note card clipped on a string that says Be Prepared.
Creating a Disaster Prep Kit for your Small Business

Your small business can make preparations for natural disasters with a disaster prep kit. Use these tips to create a kit that fits your needs.

Illustration saying Disaster Plan.
7 Steps for a Small Business to Take for Disaster Prep

When disaster strikes, it's critical to know how to respond. Here are some practical tips on how to create a disaster preparedness plan for your business.

Group of workers attending a meeting.
Disaster Management: Employee Training for Safe and Effective Response

Having a robust emergency response plan and training your employees accordingly can mean the difference between failure and business continuity.

A group of young professionals.
5 Great Reasons For Hiring Entry-Level Talent

Hiring entry-level talent has many advantages for small businesses aside from the lower salary cost. Learn five of the biggest benefits.

Two co-workers have a meeting.
8 Ways to Promote Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace is key to the success of every business. Here are X ways promote effective communication in the workplace.

Two co-workers sitting down having lunch.
Why You Need a Lunch Break and How to Take One

Research shows taking a lunch break makes employees more productive, creative and engaged. Here are 3 steps for breaking up with your desk and taking a break.

Employees celebrating with a group high-five.
Energize Your Workforce After the Summer

How do you energize and motivate your employees when the summer's over and they return to their regular routines? These eight tips from Encompass can help!

A woman using her laptop in a hotel room.
9 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save on Work Travel

Travel is part of almost every small business owner's job. These nine tips - including using airfare alerts and rideshares - can help you save on work travel.

A view of a Chamber of Commerce building.
5 Benefits to Joining Your Chamber of Commerce

Integrating your small business into the community is crucial. Becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce can offer several benefits.

A staff sitting around a table for a meeting.
Make Staff Meetings More Productive

Regular staff meetings can be invaluable when the time is used effectively. Here are some strategies for getting more out of your weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

A woman presenting in front of the crowd.
6 Tips to Help You Become a Better Public Speaker

Fear of public speaking is very common, but there are ways to overcome this discomfort. These tips can help you prepare better before your next presentation.

Five workers' hand holding soil with a plant sprouting
5 Tips to Grow Your Business

Supercharge small-business growth this year with five tips on streamlining new customer acquisition and maximizing the value of your existing customer base.

Animated illustration of two brains exchange wave signal with each other.
Become a Better Leader: 5 Steps for Improving Emotional Intelligence

Can emotional intelligence (EQ) make you a better leader and improve employee relationships? Here are some tips to help you strengthen the five qualities of EQ.

A woman posing with her cup of tea and work computer open.
How Freelancers Can Benefit Small Businesses

Freelancers can provide expertise needed in certain areas of running your business, while helping to save you time and possibly money.

Two collegues meeting with one another in the office.
Motivate Your Employees by Speaking Their Work Language

You've heard of "love languages," but what about "work languages"? Knowing each employee's work language can help motivate them and feel truly valued.

A new planner that has New Year and several goals written.
6 Small Business Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

Kickstart 2019 with this quick list to help support small business growth, boost workplace productivity, improve client relationships, and hire top talent.

A girl sliding down a slide in the backyard.
Targeting Millennials: Marketing to the Largest Generation

Millennials are changing the rules for marketing. What to know about targeting the millennial audience on social media, email and more digital channels.

Two employees wearing Santa hats while greeting a customer.
How to Engage Your Customers Around the Holidays

How will you engage your customers this holiday season? Make it the most wonderful time of the year for your business with these customer engagement tips.

Business owner entering their office security code.
Traveling for the Holidays? Tips for Keeping Your Office Secure

For business owners, it's important to make sure that both your physical and your virtual office are secure when you're traveling. These pointers can help.

Two wood carpenters planning a business move.
Succession Planning for Small Business Owners

Small business succession planning: key considerations including how to select your company's next leader, whether to sell your business or keep it in the family, and how to determine a timeline for retirement.

Three street signs saying: work, life, and balance.
Tips for Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance Around the Holidays

How to maintain a good work-life balance around the holidays so you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones without it adversely impacting your business.

Co-worker shielding another co-worker's sneeze away from her direction.
6 Tips for Keeping the Cold and Flu Out of the Office

Think you can't keep illness out of the workplace? Think again. Here are some simple tips that can keep that flu or cold out of the office.

Two co-workers with their arms crossed and facing each other.
How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace: Steps for Group Problem Solving

Learn effective strategies to identify and resolve common workplace conflicts through constructive communication and team problem solving.

A veteran filling out an employment application.
4 Reasons to Consider Making Your Next Hire a Veteran

4 ways that hiring veterans benefits your company with skills including leadership excellence, a global mindset, composure under pressure and team loyalty.

A person accessing their phone's digital security app.
How to Protect Your Business Against Data Breaches and Hackers

Data breaches are on the rise - and if you're targeted, the fallout can be devastating. Learn how to protect your business with these practical tips.

A person accessing their phone's digital security app.
Small Business Essentials in the Digital Age: Setting Your Business Up for Success

Are you thinking about establishing a telecommute program for your small business? First, learn what the pros and cons are for both you and your employees.

Does My Business Need a Social Media Manager?

When your small business needs a social media manager: key considerations for hiring an employee, freelancer or an agency.

Woman working in her home office.
Working from Home: Pros and Cons

Are you thinking about establishing a telecommute program for your small business? First, learn what the pros and cons are for both you and your employees.

Woman at her work desk with a small dog in her lap.
Pets in the Workplace

Although there are many benefits to having pets in the workplace, there are also several important considerations to keep in mind before allowing your employees to bring their pets to work. Here's what you need to know.

Two Post It notes with old clients and new clients written on them.
Grow Your Business Without Hurting Customer Service

Growing your business does not have to mean losing personal customer service or sacrificing strong customer relationships. Here are some strategies that can help you continue to make customer service a priority as your business expands.

Woman sitting in front of her computer thinking of a password and username.
Small Business Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber security training can help equip employees with the knowledge and resources to confidently follow your company's cyber security policies and mitigate threats.

Woman sitting in front of her computer thinking of a password and username.
Benefits of a Password Manager and Tips on Choosing One

A password manager stores all your login credentials in a secure digital vault. Here's what to consider when choosing a password manager for your business.

A man viewing a phishing alert on his PC screen.
Quick Tips to Spot Phishing Communications in Your Business

Falling prey to a phishing campaign can have devastating consequences for your business. Learn how to spot phishing communications and keep your business safe.

Small business owner using a tablet.
Local Resources to Help Grow Your Business

While having an online presence is crucial, there are local resources like SBDCs, SCORE mentors and business partnerships that can help you grow your company.

A young woman rubs her temples while other are showing her the screens of differenct devices.
5 Tips for Staying Focused at Work

Just like eating healthy or exercising, staying focused at work is all about building good, consistent habits.

A person unlocking the door with their mobile phone.
5 Secrets for Success at Your Next Job Interview

Whether you're fresh out of college and looking for your first "real" job or are wanting to make a career change, the process of applying and interviewing for job openings can be a little daunting.

An illustration of a desktop computer and mobile phone with an icon of a lock and key on the screen.
Is Your Business Safe from Cybercrime?

Some of the most prevalent types of crime included phishing, identity theft, business email compromise (BEC), extortion, corporate data breaches and ransomware.

A person using their smart phone to communciate with a customer.
How to Be Proactive With Customer Communication

What if you could increase the lifetime value of your existing customers? This is where proactive customer communication can make a difference by building trust, strengthening loyalty and improving service quality.

How to Maintain a Good Reputation for Your Business

Thanks to online reviews, maintaining a good business reputation is more challenging and more critical than ever before. Keep these guiding principles in mind.

Staying healthy on a work trip

Summer Fridays can offer a number of benefits to employees and employers, from improved work-life balance to lower energy costs and increased productivity.

Hiring Friends and Family

How to decide whether to hire a close friend or family member, and how to set expectations for a professional working relationship.

Social Media Impact on your Job

Employers are placing increasing value on social media profiles when hiring. Learn how to help ensure your digital footprint is professional and attractive to help land that dream job.

Summer Fridays: Impact in the workplace

Summer Fridays can offer a number of benefits to employees and employers, from improved work-life balance to lower energy costs and increased productivity.

Implementing training tips at work

Well-trained employees are key to your business' success. These tips will help your organization adopt and implement proper employee training techniques.

going green.
Being Green at the Office

Five small business tips for going green, recycling, reducing paper usage, conserving energy and volunteering on green community projects.

Small Business Week.
Getting the most out of wellness initiatives

Wellness programs create happier and more productive workers and have seen a major spike in adoption. Read on to learn how to implement wellness strategies in your business.

Small Business Week.
National Small Business Week

Discover how companies can gain the most of National Small Business Week

Kids in the office.
Take Daughters/Sons to work day

"Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" draws millions of kids to the office annually. This post details how parents and companies can make this day a success.

employees motivated.
Stress in the workplace

How to Handle Stress in the Workplace

social media for small business.
Breaking up with your To Do List

Why You Should Break Up with Your To-Do List

clients and agent.
Building agency customer relationships

How Insurance Agencies Can Build Deeper Customer Relationships

Networking Tips for your Business

Five Smart Networking Tips to Grow Your Business

employees motivated.
Handling Negative Reviews

Negative complaints and online reviews have a powerful effect on businesses' reputations. This post details essential steps for smart feedback management.

social media for small business.
How to Manage Your Business Your Way and Succeed

How to develop your leadership style, effectively manage your small business your way, and drive employee performance success.

social media for small business.
5 Tips for Lowering Winter Utility Costs

Lower small business winter utility bills with cost-saving tips for improving office heating efficiency and cutting down on unnecessary equipment power usage.

social media for small business.
Top 4 Small Business Social Media Mistakes

Staying on top of social media trends can be tricky. Watch out for 4 common social media mistakes small businesses frequently make.

employees motivated.
Motivating your Employees

Keeping your employees motivated is about more than just pay; it's also about providing the training and support they need to feel valued in the workplace.

social media for small business.
Social Media Trends for 2018

Getting started with social media for small business: 4 tips for turning "best practice articles" into a small business social media strategy.

Navigating a Career Change

How to navigate a mid-career transition: leadership promotions, changing companies, and switching professions.

Preparing business for the new year

Is your small business prepared for the New Year? As this year draws to a close, these tips will help you lay the groundwork for success in the coming year.

End-of-year contributions

Small business charitable giving: Four ideas for maximizing donation impact and working with community groups.

Workplace Gift Giving

7 workplace holiday gift-giving tips. From gift price to gift recipient, avoid making an embarrassing etiquette mistake this holiday season.

Winterizing your Business

5 steps to winterize small businesses against snow and ice storm threats.

Top Holiday Safety Tips for Small Business

What keeps your business safe during the holidays? From a safe workplace to loss prevention, here are our top holiday safety tips for your business.

co workers.
5 Ways to Have the Best Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to promote your business! Here are 5 ways to make this special day in November benefit your own small business.

co workers.
Bosses' Day: Improving work relationships

Improve your relationship with your boss by learning how to better communicate, align goals and support professional success.

art of meeting.
5 Time-Saving Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners

5 essential time saving productivity hacks for small business owners: the best apps to save time with email, accounting and projects management.

art of meeting.
Preparing Your Small Business to Withstand a Cybersecurity Attack

Small businesses are top targets for cybersecurity hacks and data breaches. Here are 3 steps your company can take today to protect against a cybersecurity attack.

art of meeting.
Hosting a Great Business Meeting

There's no reason why business meetings should be dull or unproductive. Read this post to discover how to make any business meeting a compelling one.

Right Mentor.
Continuous Learning

Today's business world changes rapidly. By making a commitment to continuous learning, companies can adapt to changes and promote innovation and competition.

Millennials for Small Businesses.
Customer Service 2.0: Make Your (Already Great) Customer Service Even Better

In a world saturated by social media and online reviews, excellent customer service is more important than ever. But how do you make your business stand out in a crowd? These tips may help you take your customer service from great to amazing.

Right Mentor.
The Right Mentor Can Help Make Your Startup Successful. Here's How to Find One.

Research has shown that mentorship has a positive effect on business success. Read this post to learn why mentors are important and how to find the right one.

Millennials for Small Businesses.
The Small Business Guide to Hiring Summer Help

Hiring talented seasonal workers often presents difficulties for small businesses. This article offers tips for finding and hiring summer workers.

A man driving.
Top Tips for Hiring and Retaining Millennials for Small Businesses

Millennials will be the largest generational group in the workforce by 2020. Here are some top tips for small business owners to hire and retain top Millennial talent.

A man driving.
Lease or Buy a Car for Small Biz

Cost, mileage and insurance are some of the most important factors small business owners should consider when deciding whether to lease or buy a car.

A man using his smartphone.
Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

From Facebook to Pinterest, Twitter to Instagram, social media is both an art and a science - but either way, it's an important part of your marketing toolbox.

A messy office.
5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Small Business

Discover how spring cleaning your office may help uncover hidden cost savings and help you re-connect with business leads.

Business man using a tablet.
Online Networking Tips for Small Business

Online networking can be an effective option for small business owners who don't have the time to attend in-person events. Make the most of your online network!

5 Tips for Keeping Costs Down in Your Insurance Agency

Five essential tips for small business owners to save money on overhead expenses.

National Preparedness Month.
September is National Preparedness Month: Is Your Small Business Ready?

Learn how to create a small business emergency communication plan as part of "National Preparedness Month" 2016.

Disaster Prep Tips for Small Business Owners

Helpful steps for creating a small business disaster plan including how to conduct a Business Impact Analysis and how to create a Business Continuity Plan.

laptop and mobile device.
Small Business Websites 101

Read on for three helpful tips for small business owners to know before building a small business website.

A group of people.
7 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

Hiring is a very difficult undertaking for most small business owners. Here are seven tips to help make the hiring process a little easier.

A group of people.
Helpful Leadership Tips for Small Business Owners

Good leadership skills are integral to owning and operating a small business. Here are helpful leadership tips for small business owners to consider.

Cyber Security in the Information Age: Is your Small Business Safe?

Businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks and security breaches. Learn how to help protect your business today.

Network event.
How to Make the Most of Your Next Networking Event

Improve your networking with these four helpful tips for talking to people any time, any place.

A man working on a laptop.
Social Responsibility: How Community Involvement Could Help Improve Small Business

As the business landscape continues to change and evolve, social responsibility and community involvement could improve small business.

A man working on a laptop.
Digital Marketing 101: 3 Easy Ways for Your Agency to Get Started

Kick-start your insurance agency's digital marketing with tips on SEO, social media and content marketing.

A handshake.
Innovate Your Agency: 5 Helpful Customer Service Tips

Is your agency settling for run-of-the-mill customer service? Just because customers aren't complaining doesn't mean they're happy or even satisfied. From integrating new digital tools to revamping old practices, here's some helpful tips to improve customer service.

A bar graph.
4 Tips to Help Increase Productivity for your Small Business

Never have enough hours in the day to get it all done? These four productivity boosting tips could help you and your team work smarter, not harder.

A digital clock with 2016.
New Year's Business Resolutions for 2016

How to improve insurance agencies in 2016: top marketing tips for independent agents.

Social media icons.
Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There's a lot of work that goes into getting social marketing right. Here is a list of behaviors you may want to avoid in order to maintain an effective social media marketing presence.

A man using his smart phone.
Helpful Apps for Coordinating Your Social Media Presence

It can be challenging to coordinate your social media presence. There are several apps to help. Read on for some helpful suggestions.

An agent conducting a survey with a couple.
Customer Survey Tips

Get tips on surveys, which can help you gain insights into your customers' experiences and thoughts about the quality of your services.

An agent working.
Introducing our Blog: Agency Insights

Follow our blog, Agency Insights, which will cover some hot topics for insurance agents like lead generation, social media and customer retention.

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