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The EncompassOne®
Insurance Special Policy

Solid protection with a simple insurance experience.

The EncompassOne Special Policy offers homeowners and auto insurance in a single package, with policy limits, coverage options and insurance discounts.

Home Features

  • Additional living expenses coverage.

    If your home is unlivable due to a covered loss, you can feel confident that we'll help you find a comfortable alternative while repairs are being made; no dollar limit for up to one year.

  • $1,500 of coverage for jewelry and fur.

    Get $1,500 of coverage for jewelry and fur with our Special policy, which even covers items from theft.

  • Pays $1,000 of Homeowners Association fees after a covered disaster.

    If a disaster happens in your neighborhood, we will cover $1,000 of your share of the HOA's assessment for a covered loss to common property.

  • Medical expense coverage.

    Our Special policy may cover medical expenses due to accidents that occur on or away from your insured location.

  • Landscape and land restoration coverage.

    If your lawn, trees or shrubs are damaged due to a covered loss, our Special policy may cover the replacement of damaged elements. Plus we also provide coverage for land restoration to stabilize the land around your foundation after a covered loss.

  • Burglary or theft recovery.

    If your home is ever damaged or burglarized, we will help cover the reward for information or assistance.1

Optional Add-on Features

  • Covered losses for structure and contents.

    Because it's nearly impossible to consider all of the risk factors you could face, we will cover many types of losses for not only your home structure, but your personal property as well.

  • Increased building costs.

    Should you have to rebuild due to a covered loss, this coverage accounts for increased costs of reconstruction due to any building code changes.

  • Replacement cost coverage.

    If your home suffers a covered loss and the cost to rebuild is more than the original insured amount, you're protected.

Optional Auto Features

In addition to your basic auto coverage, there are many optional features that may be added to your EncompassOne Special policy.

Optional Add-on Features

  • New car replacement.

    For new vehicles—when the cost to repair exceeds the actual cash value—we will replace, when possible, your vehicle with a current model year. If your model is no longer available, we will replace it with a new vehicle from a similar size and class.

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

    Our Encompass Roadside Assistance coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can help you in the event that you are stranded. You can also enjoy towing and auto trip interruption coverage, as well as emergency transportation coverage with your policy.

  • Electronic equipment repairs in your car.

    This optional coverage pays for the covered loss of electronic equipment that is permanently installed within your insured car if you have comprehensive coverage. It also covers media, such as CDs or auxiliary cords that are used with the electronic equipment.

  • Loan/lease gap coverage.

    As automobiles depreciate, a gap in the value of a vehicle's original loan amount and the car's actual value can begin to widen. This coverage would pay off the loan in this case. Coverage can be added to new (previously untitled) vehicles within 30 days of financing and the vehicle must have both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Optional Products

In addition to your home and auto protection, there are many other optional products that may be added to your EncompassOne Special Policy.

Optional Add-on Products

  • Personal umbrella coverage.

    Personal umbrella coverage can be added to your EncompassOne Special Policy and can help protect you in the event of a major claim or lawsuit once you reach the limits of your homeowners, auto or other liability policy.

  • Encompass Lifestyle Endorsement.

    This endorsement enhances personal liability and property coverage for a number of circumstances, including family members in a health care facility, enhanced jewelry coverage, reduced deductibles for damaged or stolen sport and hobby equipment and more.

  • Enhanced home business supplement.

    Protect your home business with liability and increased business property coverage, including personal computer hardware and software protection.

  • Boat and watercraft coverage.

    Add boat and watercraft coverage to your policy to include uninsured or underinsured boaters coverage, replacement cost and protection for your personal property on-board the boat.

  • Identity fraud expense coverage.

    Add identity theft protection to your EncompassOne Special Policy to be covered up to $20,000 for expenses resulting from identity fraud. This covers lost wages and attorney fees—plus, on-demand access to a fraud specialist who can help you resolve your identity theft.

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Coverages, features and discounts subject to terms and conditions. Savings vary based on factors such as state and coverages selected. The coverages, features and discounts described on this website are not available in every state. Please see your Encompass policy for details or call an Encompass Insurance Independent Agent for more information.

1 This reward amount is 10 percent of the loss, up to $1,000.
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