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The EncompassOne®
Elite Insurance Policy

Elite protection with the highest limits available.

Your high-value possessions require higher levels of protection. The EncompassOne® Elite Insurance Policy is our highest-level home and auto insurance with additional features—all with the convenience of one deductible1, one premium and one agent.

Home Features2

  • 200% property location limit.

    Some home policies set individual limits on your home, its content and other structures. These limits are percentages based on the value of your home and cannot be combined if one limit is insufficient to cover the loss. Our Elite policy extends your limits to 200% of your home's value to cover your house, outlying structures and its contents—giving you the freedom to allocate your limit as needed for any covered loss, whether the covered damage is repaired or replaced altogether.3

  • Enhanced replacement cost coverage.

    If your home suffers a covered loss and the cost to rebuild is more than the original insured amount, you're protected.

  • Pays $10,000 of jewelry and fur coverage.

    With no need for special riders or schedules, our Elite policy includes $10,000 of coverage for jewelry and fur—and even covers them whether stolen or lost.

  • Our highest water backup coverage.

    Water backup damage can wipe out many things—family furniture, treasured books, even children's toys. No loss is too little to be overlooked, that's why our Elite policy covers you, up to your policy limits.

  • Additional living expenses coverage.

    If your home is uninhabitable, we help you find a place to stay. We'll cover your reasonable increase in living expenses, such as hotel stays and restaurant bills, with no time or dollar limit, for as long as it takes to repair your home.

  • Walk-away coverage.

    Should you choose not to rebuild your home and start fresh someplace else after a covered total loss, our Elite policy offers walk-away coverage, meaning we will pay our estimated value of your residence.

  • Covered losses for structure and contents.

    Because it's nearly impossible to consider all the risk factors you could face, our Elite homeowners policy covers many types of losses for not only your home structure, but your personal property as well.

  • Increased building costs.

    If you need to rebuild after a covered loss, you'll be protected from increased reconstruction costs due to building ordinance codes that have changed.

  • Mortgage rate protection.

    If a covered total loss requires a new higher-rate mortgage, we will cover the increased expenses including closing costs, mortgage acquisition fees and more—up to a total of $20,000.

  • Pays $50,000 in Homeowners Association fees after a covered disaster.

    If a disaster happens in your community, we will cover your share of the HOA's assessment for a covered loss to common property up to $50,000.

  • Enhanced medical expense coverage.

    Medical costs can quickly add up into daunting figures. Our Elite policy automatically includes $10,000 in coverage for medical expenses due to accidents on or away from your insured location.

  • Our highest landscape and land restoration coverage.

    If your lawn, trees or shrubs are damaged due to a covered loss, our Elite policy will cover the replacement of damaged elements. Plus, we also provide land restoration coverage to stabilize the land around your foundation after a covered loss.

  • Protection for your fine art.

    Your fine art means a great deal to you and is a coveted part of your home. Should the glass protecting your fine art ever break, our Elite policy will cover its replacement, as well as cover any broken porcelain statuary or other fragile art pieces.

  • Burglary or theft recovery.

    If your home is ever damaged by burglars or trespassers, we will help cover the reward for information or assistance.4

  • Lock replacement.

    Not all carriers provide coverage for lost keys, most only cover stolen keys. With Encompass, if your keys are lost or stolen, we will pay up to the coverage limit to have your house locks replaced at no-deductible.

  • Identity fraud expense coverage.

    We'll pay up to $20,000 for expenses resulting from identity fraud, including lost wages and attorney fees—plus, on-demand access to a fraud specialist who can help you resolve your identity theft.

  • Personal injury protection.

    This is a critical component of homeowners coverage to protect you if you are sued for libel and slander.

Auto Features

  • Unlimited Accident Forgiveness.

    We understand that accidents are a part of life. Unlimited Accident Forgiveness protects you from incurring a premium surcharge after at-fault accidents—which can be especially helpful if you have a newly licensed driver on your policy.

  • Safe Driving Bonus5

    When you drive smart, we reward you for it. Enjoy up to 5% off your next policy premium if no covered driver on your policy has an at-fault accident over the previous 12-month policy period.

  • Our highest rental car reimbursement

    If you're ever unable to drive your vehicle as a result of a covered loss, we want to make sure you have a rental car available.

  • Auto trip interruption.

    If your car suffers a covered loss 100 miles or more away from home, auto trip interruption will reimburse you for certain related expenses.

  • Encompass Roadside Assistance.

    When you get behind the wheel, we are right there with you. Our Elite policy includes Encompass Roadside Assistance with the highest level of towing and emergency transportation coverage.

  • Electronic equipment in your car.

    We will pay for the covered loss of electronic equipment that is permanently installed in your insured car if you have comprehensive coverage. Coverage is also included for media, such as CDs or auxiliary cords that are used with the electronic equipment.

  • Windshield repairs for your car.

    We help ease the burden of auto repairs by applying no deductible for windshield repairs.

  • Protection for your company car.

    Even if you're driving your company car, you're covered with our Elite policy coverage.

Optional Add-on Features

  • New car replacement.

    For new vehicles, when the cost to repair exceeds the actual cash value, we will replace your vehicle with a current model year when possible, or a new vehicle from a similar size and class if your model is no longer available.

  • Loan/lease gap coverage.

    As vehicles depreciate, a gap in the value of a vehicle's original loan amount can begin to widen. With this coverage, the original loan will be paid off in this case. Coverage can be added to new (previously untitled) vehicles within 30 days of financing and the vehicle must have both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Optional Products

  • Personal umbrella coverage.

    Personal umbrella coverage can help protect you from major claims and lawsuits once you reach the limits of your homeowners, auto or other liability policy.

  • Encompass Lifestyle Endorsement

    The Lifestyle Endorsement enhances personal liability and property coverage by extending it for family members in a health care facility, increased jewelry coverage, reduced deductibles for damaged or stolen sport and hobby equipment and more.

  • Enhanced home business Insurance.

    This includes liability and increased business property coverage for multiple aspects of your home-based business, including personal computer hardware and software.

  • Boat and watercraft coverage.

    We want you to board your watercraft without worry. Our boat insurance coverage includes replacement cost coverage, protection for on-board personal property and uninsured or underinsured boaters coverage.

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Coverages, features and discounts subject to terms and conditions. Savings vary based on factors such as state and coverages selected. The coverages, features and discounts described on this website are not available in every state. Please see your Encompass policy for details or call an Encompass Insurance Independent Agent for more information.

1 If more than one item for which a premium is paid under this policy sustains a covered loss in the same event, only the highest deductible will be applied. However, if a policy includes a Wind/Hail, Tropical Cyclone, Hurricane, Named Storm or Earthquake deductible, such deductible will be applied per property location. Optional coverages may require additional deductibles.

2 Availability of coverages vary by state — some exceptions may apply. Coverages are subject to terms, conditions and availability.

3 Not available in every state.

4 This reward is 10% of the loss, up to $1000.

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