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Identify Theft Insurance

Protect your identity with confidence.

Recovering from identity theft can be costly and time consuming. Even after fraudulent charges have been removed, you may still be looking at thousands of dollars and countless hours to restore your credit rating and reclaim your life. If your identity is ever compromised, our identity theft protection will work hard to help you recover. Encompass ID theft coverage will:
  • Pay for expenses incurred in the recovery process.
  • Pay a portion of lost wages and time needed to take off from work as a result of handling your identity fraud claim.
  • Cover attorney fees to defend you against lawsuits resulting from identity fraud.1
  • Pay for new loan application fees if you've been refused because the lender received incorrect credit information after identity fraud.
  • Cover notary public, certified mail and long distance communication expenses resulting from identity fraud.

Enjoy personalized solutions for your unique insurance needs.

Encompass identity theft insurance is designed to extend the protection of our EncompassOne® Policy, which combines your homeowners and auto coverage for simple, comprehensive protection. Encompass identity theft protection is included in our Elite homeowners coverage and may be added to others. Talk to an Encompass Independent Agent to add the endorsement to your policy.

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Coverages, features and discounts subject to terms and conditions. Savings vary based on factors such as state and coverages selected. The coverages, features and discounts described on this website are not available in every state. Please see your Encompass policy for details or call an Encompass Insurance Independent Agent for more information.

1 We will pay a reasonable amount of attorney fees. Payments are made only after prior approval has been received.
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