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Our Response to COVID-19

Encompass Is Here To Help

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As society works together to slow the spread of COVID-19, there are more people are at home, driving less and having fewer accidents. Given this decline in driving, we are providing a Shelter-in-Place Payback of $1 billion over 3 months for the Allstate family of companies (which includes Encompass) auto insurance customers.

In addition to the Shelter-in-Place Payback, Encompass is offering free identity protection, payment relief and extended coverage. Please take a moment to review the support being provided and detail on how to access these benefits.

For our customers

Shelter-in-Place Payback is Extended through June

The Shelter-in-Place Payback that provided a 15% payback to personal auto insurance customers in April and May is being extended to include June.*

  • In June, personal auto insurance customers will receive an additional payback averaging 15% of their monthly auto insurance cost.
  • Motorcycle policyholders will also receive a payback in June based on their monthly motorcycle insurance cost.
  • Encompass will automatically apply the June payback as a policy credit.**
  • As a reminder, payment information should never be provided to outside parties.
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Free Identity Protection Signup from Encompass' Parent Company, Allstate Extended through June

  • Allstate Identity Protection helps protect people from identity theft and financial fraud, while giving them more control over the private information they share through online accounts.
  • U.S. residents can receive the Allstate Identity Protection product free for the rest of the year when they sign up through June, regardless of whether they are already a customer or not, by accessing
  • Access to the free Allstate Identity Protection service will end on 12/31/2020. A credit card is required for enrollment, but consumers won't be charged. You will have the option to elect into a paid subscription before your free service ends.

Payment Relief

  • Encompass auto and home insurance customers facing financial challenges can request a special payment plan that delays payments with no penalty. Please contact 1-800-262-9262 for more information.
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Extended Coverage

  • Encompass will automatically cover customers who use their personal vehicles to deliver food, medicine and other goods for a commercial purpose during their COVID-19 state of emergency period. Standard personal auto policies typically exclude such coverage.
  • This additional protection will be added to policies in all states and will be in effect while a statewide COVID-19 emergency order is in place in your state. No action is required on your part.***

*Paybacks will go customers with a policy in force as of 3/31/2020, 4/30/2020 and 5/31/2020, respectively. Paybacks will go to New York customers with a policy in force as of 4/30/2020, 5/31/2020 and 6/30/2020, respectively. The payments will be based on the monthly premium as of those dates, subject to a $10 per policy per month minimum. New customers must have made at least one payment on their policy to be eligible. The calculation does not apply to vehicles with suspended coverage.

**Subject to limited exceptions. Full pay customers and customers reaching the end of their policy period will receive a deposit to the bank or credit card on file, or receive a check, based on their most recent payment.

***For Oregon policyholders, this coverage will be provided for an additional 30-days after their State-of-Emergency ends.

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