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Encompass Insurance Reviews—In Our Customers' Own Words

We pride ourselves on being at our best when you need us the most. Claims adjusters, customer service reps, Encompass independent agents—we depend on Encompass insurance reviews to hear how we're doing.

Here's some of our most recent customer feedback. Please note that letters and survey answers may be edited, but only for clarity and brevity.

Encompass Insurance Reviews

Susan B, Illinois—March 2014
I've been an Encompass customer for 4-5 years now, but had never made a claim. That changed when I hit a pothole early last week and damaged the front end of my car. I'm writing you to let you know I had far and away the best claims experience of my life. Two phone calls, one fax and a check in the mail the same day. Emelda M. who opened the claim for me and Allen R. who was the adjuster were professional, respectful and moved things along quickly and effectively. Allen even took some extra time to educate me on a few points I wasn't clear on.

Please tell your claims organization to keep up the good work. In insurance brand currency, a claims experience like that is golden.

Gregory K, Texas—June 2013
Our entire staff wants to thank Encompass Insurance and specifically the individuals who directly made the claim process of our hailstorm such a perfect experience. The claims handling was beyond world class! In my 35 years in the insurance agency business, I have never seen a better, more coordinated process than the experience in the past month with Encompass claims handling.

It definitely makes this agency proud to represent Encompass and definitely enables and bolsters the selling process when we want to sell an Encompass product.

Roberta D, New Jersey—February 2013
The manner in which Encompass has managed this claim from beginning to end has been nothing short of exemplary. My vehicle was also insured by Encompass, and the handling of the claim was prompt, fair, and professional. But the handling of the homeowner's portion of the policy is beyond compare to what I see happening with friends and neighbors, and what I read in the news. Your novel - and unique - approach to coverage has ensured that we will not suffer the huge financials loss we otherwise faced. Although I have sat here for a while taxing my brain for the appropriate language, there simply are no words expressive enough to thank you for that.

Your adjusters were a pleasure to deal with, reducing stress by educating and reassuring us during this incredibly difficult time in our lives. As we learned during the first few weeks after surviving the storm, the hassles and pressures of recover are as traumatic as the event itself, maybe even more so your person visit and subsequent phone calls were also supportive and comforting, and well beyond what we had been told to expect from people who have had homeowner's claims with other insurers. Luckily, for us, this was our first experience with a homeowner's claim, and it has been a good one.

My husband is driving an old pickup truck while he makes repeated trips to the home improvement store that have become such a large part of our lives. When he finally purchases a new vehicle, he intends to add it to our existing Encompass policy, whereas before he was insured by another carrier. They handled the Sandy-related car claim satisfactorily, but we both feel that we should express our gratitude and loyalty to Encompass with not just words, but actions too wherever possible. We are telling our friends, family, and neighbors – with whom insurance coverage is a continuing discussion - about your professional and empathetic treatment of our claim at a time when other insurers are trying to avoid payment. We wish you all at Encompass a very happy and healthy future.

David D, Washington—February 2013
I do not often send letters of praise to insurance companies! In this case, however, one of your employees deserves the highest encomiums.

I had just purchased a gorgeous 2008 DTS Cadillac with less than 25,000 miles, practically new. I was so happy with it. The first time I drove it, it was hit in a parking lot by someone who backed into it, leaving no name of course. I was crestfallen and depressed and dreaded the insurance run a round I was sure was in store.

Well, I could not have been more wrong. Your adjuster, Robyn Christiansen, not only showed compassion for this old man's state of mind, but she acted expeditiously and professionally to resolve the claim. I would love to go on TV and tell the world how wonderful she and Encompass were in taking care of a long time client.

P.S. I was distressed to learn that my insurance broker is thinking of dropping your line of coverage. You have been providing home and auto for me for more years than I care to remember and if they do drop you, is there an alternative broker in my area I can use to get a comparable quote? I would hate, all things being equal, to leave Encompass after such superior service.

Kelley and Tom B., Texas—February 2013
Tom and I just want to take a moment and thank you for handling our claim so well and give some credit where we feel it is due. This is our first homeowners claim (and it was a big one!) and we don't think that it could have been better handled.

From the first night when someone came to our home to tarp the roof and board up the holes to the very last installation, replacement, and repair, we did not have to worry because we knew everything would be taken care of and it was.Jeremy Terry and his team from Specialty Restoration were amazing. Jeremy had major hurdles to jump over including crazy weather (summer heat and winter freezes), additional elected subcontractors, and the not-so-wonderful City we live in, who, at one point, misfiled all of our permits and failed to show for multiple inspections and much more. Jeremy handled it all calmly with professionalism and diligence. Never having anything to say that was not comforting or professional, Jeremy coordinated the major restoration of our entire home. In fact, our home is more beautiful and more valuable today than it has ever been. Not one email, phone call, or text was left unanswered. I honestly don't know when he slept!

Any insurance, restoration company or contractor can provide good services, but how many of them can say that they actually make their insureds feel cared for? Never once did we feel as though we were just another number or that we were being washed through some actuarial software. Individual people, made individual decisions that were unique to our situation and needs.

Our home burning was a personal crisis, but it was met with people who made the difference between just getting the job done and restoring someone's home better than they found it.

Thank you again so much for all that you, your company, and contractors have done on our behalf. You did for us what we could not do for ourselves during one of the most difficult times of our lives.

Marilyn L, New York—December 2012
Thank you so much for everything. My adjuster, James Wallace has been more than helpful and so very easy to deal with. That said, I am referring my friends to you. Unfortunately, they are not having as easy a time as I did with their insurance agency. I told them that to date, we've been very pleased with our service. I told him about our policy. Thanks again for all your help.

Carol S, Kentucky—December 2012
Of course, I have never experienced anything like this house fire and it has been extremely traumatic. Bill and Cathy have been there from the beginning days of coping with my loss and walking me through the process. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the two of them! They have provided emotional support, as well as being professionally well-equipped to help us with all the details and procedures of filing a claim. They are exceptional in every way!

I told my Insurance Agents, David and Jana Sturm, of Sturm Insurance, who have also guided me in this process that I am telling everyone I know about Encompass Insurance. I wanted to take out an ad in the local paper and just rave about Encompass and how fine an organization and service they provide. I feel about Bill and Cathy this same way, just wanting to extol their virtues and magnificent service and character!

These people have changed me forever! I had been so afraid that any dealings with an insurance company would be adversarial, at best, and intolerable, at worst. However, I never felt a moment of tension in this process. All of them made me feel like they were on my side! This is amazing!!! And, I thank you, their "bosses" for having such tremendous people on your staff.

Peter E, Massachusetts—November 2012
So many of us have a built-in prejudice against insurance companies as we assume that they are cold unfeeling bureaucratic businesses that care only about preserving their money and not about we customers. You've completely proven that wrong not only by showing me that you're a strong advocate for me and my interests, but simply by your kind approach. I never thought that I'd say that it's a pleasure doing business with an insurance company, but, it, indeed, has and the credit goes to you. Thank you so much.

Doreen E, Pennsylvania—September 2012
"If I could, I would nominate [John, Encompass National Catastrophe Team Adjuster] for "BEST CLAIMS SPECIALIST, EVER". I speak highly of [him] and the company and recommend the company to people all the time. It takes people like [John] who go that extra mile for others to make a company wonderful to deal with."

Brent H, Alabama—August 2012
"Lastly, thank you Julie [Encompass National Catastrophe Team Adjuster] for your help in this entire process. Many have asked me how my insurance company was treating me and I have always told them "with care and excellence." They always seem amazed. Julie, you have been a big part of that."

David L, Maryland—August 2012
"Throughout the past several years, I have come to the conclusion that the difference between a good/fair company and an outstanding one is the quality of customer service.

Recently, I had a very bad problem with a piece of lawn equipment (it caught on fire) which resulted in damage to my driveway too. Naturally, I was very upset over the problem but thankful that I was not injured. Subsequently, I called Encompass Insurance Company to let an agent know what had happened and I was directed to [May, Encompass Claims Service Adjuster]. I relayed the story to her and in a very calm reassuring tone she let me know that all would be handled smoothly and efficiently. Now, how many times have you heard that line before? Well, before a day or two had passed, people were calling me to review the damage, determine the cause, and give estimates on replacing the items and repairing the drive. In addition, it seemed that I had a check in my mailbox within a couple of days to replace the fire damaged items. What speed! This does not happen because of poor customer service, quite the contrary. It happens because of an excellent employee who responds promptly to any style of communication (email or direct phone contact) and does so in a caring, professional manner. I must have called/emailed her every day for two weeks. It almost felt like we were on a first name basis.

These days to come across a person who follows up on all the issues related to an incident, and give excellent customer service is rare. She made Encompass Insurance Company not just a good/fair company but an outstanding one. I have been with the company nearly 30 years and will continue to do so."

Bob D, Nevada—August 2012
"We know very well that some insurance companies treat the claims process as an adversarial endeavor. Thus, we were very pleasantly surprised when Mike, our structure adjuster who is based [out of state], met with us at our home. Mike was genuinely concerned about our plight, extremely personable, very knowledgeable, and handled all of our dealings promptly and professionally.

The other two adjusters we dealt with were equally as personable and professional. The temporary living expense adjuster, Peter, was incredibly helpful and Julene went the extra mile in helping us sort through our complicated contents claim.

In summary, we are very please with our claims experience and have told all of our friends that Encompass handled our claim like we were all part of a team trying to put our home back together, with the least inconvenience to us that was reasonably possible. We will certainly continue to tell anyone who asks us that Encompass is a great insurance company and that they would make a very wise decision if they buy their insurance from Encompass."

Amy H, Arizona—March 2012
I never thought I would LIKE an insurance company, let alone LOVE it!! That is because I never had a positive experience with any insurance company EVER as I have with Encompass. I would recommend them to EVERYONE I know!

My house [was] flooded by a burst pipe. Encompass had a crew there in one and a half hours cleaning up. The Encompass rep calls every day and has everyone helping to get the house, furniture, rugs, walls, etc. back to normal as quickly as possible. Everyone has gone the extra mile. As only a six month old customer, I'm beyond impressed.

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